2018 Pokémon World Championships

Event2018 Pokémon World Championships
Location Nashville, TN
DateAugust 24-26, 2018
Attendance75 players (Masters)
VideogamePokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
Season2018 Season (VGC18)


  • Top 16 players in each age division will receive the prizes shown below.
    • All prizes are subject to final taxes.
    • All prizes are shown in US$.
    • Players over 18 years old may receive their prizes as prize money whereas players under 18 will receive either Travel Awards or Scholarships.
  • Additionally, all Top 16 finishers will receive 72 Pokémon Trading Card Game Booster Packs.
  • Top 4 players in each age division will also receive a Day 1 Invite to the 2019 Pokémon World Championships in Washington, D.C.
  • All players participating at the 2018 World Championships will receive 5 Play! Points.
Top 4$5,000
Top 8$3,000
Top 16$1,500

Masters Division

  • Teams from all players competing at Worlds Day 2 have been collected.
  • All players with 2 or fewer losses (x-2) advanced to the Top Cut bracket.
  • Paul Ruiz‘s Worlds winning team report is available on Victory Road. Click here!
15-2Paul Ruizsalamence-megatapu-kokoincineroarkartanagastrodonsnorlax
26-1Emilio Forbesgengar-megatapu-bululandorus-therianincineroarpolitoedlatias
36-1Nils Dunlopmetagross-megatapu-kokolandorus-therianincineroarmimikyusnorlax
45-2Yusei Matsunosalamence-megatapu-kokoincineroargothitelleamoongusssnorlax
56-1Tomohiro Sekikangaskhan-megatapu-kokotapu-finilandorus-therianheatrancresselia
65-2Roberto Porrettigengar-megatapu-finilandorus-therianincineroarkartanatyranitar
75-2Federico Turanocharizard-mega-ytapu-lelelandorus-theriankartanacresseliasnorlax
85-2Arash Ommatimetagross-megatapu-bulutapu-finilandorus-therianpersian-alolanvolcarona
95-2Carson Conferscizor-megatapu-kokolandorus-therianpolitoedludicolostakataka
105-2Paul Chuacharizard-mega-ytapu-finilandorus-theriankartanacresseliaheatran
115-2Melvin Kehcharizard-mega-ytapu-kokotapu-lelelandorus-therianmiloticsnorlax
125-2Koji Morimotogardevoir-megatapu-finilandorus-therianincineroarzapdosamoonguss
137-0Kiwamu Endogengar-megatapu-finilandorus-therianincineroarkartanalatias
146-1Simone Sanvitogengar-megatapu-finitapu-buluincineroarkommo-oclefairy
155-2Alessio Y. Boschettometagross-megatapu-finilandorus-therianincineroarzapdosamoonguss
165-2Brendan Zhengsalamence-megatapu-koko