Introducing the Dugtrio Challenge!

Welcome to the Dugtrio Challenge!

Victory Road kicks off its 2019 season team competitions with a new one – where players will team up with 2 friends to compete together for the win. During the Dugtrio Challenge, your teambuilding skills will be tested, since teams may not use a Pokémon more than once on all their teams.

For instance, if one of your team mates builds their team using both Kyogre and Xerneas for Week 3, you won’t be able to use them on your team for that same week. Same applies to regular Pokémon, so if you are using your beloved Incineroar, your mates will have to look for other options.

The winning team will be automatically qualified for Victory Road’s Sun Series Invitational event, where they will be joined by the winners and runner ups from our Dialga Cup online events, as well as the Top 2 players at the Santiago de Compostela MSS, in an online competition with exciting prizes and awards for free!

This tournament will be played under a double-elimination format (Winners/Losers brackets) and using Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on your 3DS systems. In order to sign up, you will need to find two more colleagues, choose a name for your team and a flagship Pokémon that represents you all.

The event will be played on a weekly basis, with each round kicking off on Tuesdays starting on October 9th.

If you’re ready… What are you waiting for? Just fill out this form!

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Dugtrio Challenge!”

    • We will update everything tomorrow to make things clear. However, answering your concerns:

      a) All rounds will last a week. The first week is intended to kick off on Tuesday 9, so Monday nights will be the deadline for each round. There’s no exact time frame as all players will have to appoint with each other when they can play.
      b) Results will be reported either via Twitter or a form on Victory Road (we still have to decide what’s more comfortable for players & staff, but probably the latter). Pairings will be posted on a Battlefy each week (players won’t need to register there)

      If there’s anything else you might worry about, do not hesitate to leave another comment. Thanks for your time!


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