Dugtrio Challenge – Round 1 pairings

Welcome to Round 1 of the Dugtrio Challenge!

In this page, you’ll find everything related to the first week of competition, taking place from October 9 to October 16. Given that there are 81 competing teams on a double-elimination bracket, some teams will receive a bye for this first week of competition. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you will see that your team isn’t shown below — don’t worry about it!

In case you’re not so lucky, it’s time to play! This first week lasts from October 9 at 10 AM UTC up to next week, on Tuesday 16, at 12 AM UTC, which means you’re already good to go! Check out the individual pairings for you and your teammates down below and agreed on when to play with your opponents. All players have their Twitter accounts listed down below.

Keep in mind that the whole ruleset can be found in the main hub of the event. Any further announcements will be done on Twitter and our site. You may also take a look at the whole bracket of the event on Battlefy. We wish you the best of luck!


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