Dugtrio Challenge – Round 7 pairings

Welcome to Round 7 of the Dugtrio Challenge!

This week lasts from November 22 at 5 PM UTC up to next week, on Wednesday 28, at 11.59 PM UTC, which means you’re already good to go! Check out the individual pairings for you and your teammates down below and agreed on when to play with your opponents.

Keep in mind that the whole ruleset can be found in the main hub of the event. Any further announcements will be done on Twitter and our site. You may also take a look at the whole bracket of the event on Battlefy. We wish you the best of luck!

You can find your opponent’s Twitter account HERE.

Winners bracket

espurr Victory RoadShao0 – 0Matt Kernerspinda Victory Road
espurr Victory RoadRadiumH30 – 0Austin Forcinitospinda Victory Road
espurr Victory Roadmegathorn0 – 0Aidan Adkinsspinda Victory Road

Losers bracket

hydreigon Victory RoadGavin Michaels0 – 0MrSidiyveltal Victory Road
hydreigon Victory RoadAaron Traylor0 – 0Madarayveltal Victory Road
hydreigon Victory RoadChuppa Cross0 – 0Agatinoyveltal Victory Road
kartana Victory RoadBartosz Ekiert0 – 0Calvin Fosterphantump Victory Road
kartana Victory RoadAleksander Trzeciak0 – 0Jeremy Parsonphantump Victory Road
kartana Victory RoadArtur Hoffmann0 – 0Luke Gallatphantump Victory Road
jigglypuff Victory RoadTruck0 – 0Bygamejorgemewtwo Victory Road
jigglypuff Victory RoadLorbek0 – 0Spadamewtwo Victory Road
jigglypuff Victory RoadSuperdavid0 – 0Kraismewtwo Victory Road
donphan Victory RoadJoeUX90 – 0Mr_PokEnjoyarcanine Victory Road
donphan Victory Road2thyfor0 – 0Simone Gianniniarcanine Victory Road
donphan Victory RoadAurgho0 – 0Marco Boselliarcanine Victory Road
rayquaza Victory RoadSassan0 – 0Pyreoncosmog Victory Road
rayquaza Victory RoadEk cjcc0 – 0PinkSylviecosmog Victory Road
rayquaza Victory RoadBoah0 – 0Pir-Hanacosmog Victory Road
Lobo0 – 0Touyxseadra Victory Road
Moragas0 – 0Zighseadra Victory Road
Uri0 – 0Mariododseadra Victory Road
ludicolo Victory RoadVictorlt70 – 0Ryan Hercusmimikyu Victory Road
ludicolo Victory RoadMaverik150 – 0Fred Zhoumimikyu Victory Road
ludicolo Victory RoadOricatVGC0 – 0Luke Iuelemimikyu Victory Road
noibat Victory RoadFiona 0- 0Dignetapu-lele Victory Road
noibat Victory RoadOrav0 – 0Aparissitapu-lele Victory Road
noibat Victory RoadTorviv0 – 0Juseptapu-lele Victory Road

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