Dugtrio Challenge – Round 11 pairings

Welcome to Round 9 of the Dugtrio Challenge!

This week lasts from December 16 up to next week, on December 20, at 11.59 PM UTC, which means you’re already good to go! Check out the individual pairings for you and your teammates down below and agreed on when to play with your opponents.

Keep in mind that the whole ruleset can be found in the main hub of the event. Any further announcements will be done on Twitter and our site. You may also take a look at the whole bracket of the event on Battlefy. We wish you the best of luck!

You can find your opponent’s Twitter account HERE.

Losers bracket

hydreigon Victory RoadGavin Michaels0 – 0Betachimecho Victory Road
hydreigon Victory RoadAaron Traylor0 – 0Noelchimecho Victory Road
hydreigon Victory RoadChuppa Cross0 – 0Ivanchimecho Victory Road
 spinda Victory RoadSflynned0 – 0RicardRLlitten Victory Road
spinda Victory RoadPierre Goriot0 – 0Ararolitten Victory Road
spinda Victory RoadRedsilver0 – 0Blanchlitten Victory Road

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