2019 North America International Championships

Event2019 North America International Championships
LocationUSA Columbus, OH
DateJune 21-23, 2019
Attendance280 players (Masters)
VideogamePokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
Season2019 SeasonVGC 2019 Ultra Series


  • Live Pairings can be found on rk9labs
  • The event can be followed on stream on twitch.tv/pokemonvgc
    • Thursday, Jun. 21: 1.15 PM – 10.30 PM UTC
    • Friday, Jun. 22: 12.45 PM – 11 PM UTC
    • Saturday, Jun 23: stream begins at 6 PM UTC
    • CEST (UTC+2), EST (UTC -5), PST (UTC -8), JPN/SKR (UTC+9), AEST (UTC+10)
  • The VGC commentators are:
  • The top players in each age division will receive the prizes shown below.
    • All prizes are subject to final taxes.
    • All prizes are shown in US$.
    • Players over 18 years old may receive their prizes as prize money whereas players under 18 will receive either Travel Awards or Scholarships.
  • Additionally, all Top 16 finishers in each age division will receive Pokémon Trading Card Game Booster Packs.
  • All players participating at the 2019 North American International Championships will receive 4 Play! Points.
PlacementChampionship PointsKicker
1500 CP0
2400 CP0
3-4320 CP0
5-8250 CP0
9-16200 CP48
17-32160 CP100
33-64130 CP200
65-128100 CP400
129-25680 CP800
257-51260 CP1600

*TCG Booster Packs are given regardless of attendance.

Masters Division

111-3USAWolfe Glick500 CP$5000kyogre-primalrayquaza-megagengar-megatapu-kokoincineroarcelesteela
210-4AUSGraham Amedee400 CP$2500kyogre-primallunalamedicham-megatapu-kokotapu-lelenihilego
312-2PERJean Paul López320 CP$1500rayquaza-megaxerneastapu-kokoincineroarkartanaamoonguss
411-3USAJonathan Evans320 CP$1500kyogre-primalrayquaza-megametagross-megatapu-kokoincineroarmimikyu
512-2SGPMelvin Keh250 CP$1000groudon-primalxerneassalamence-megatapu-finiincineroarshedinja
611-3ITAFlavio del Pidio250 CP$1000groudon-primalxerneaskangaskhan-megaincineroartornaduskommo-o
711-3USAAshton Cox250 CP$1000groudon-primalxerneaskangaskhan-megametagross-megatapu-kokotornadus
811-3USAKyle Livinghouse250 CP$1000groudon-primalxerneaskangaskhan-megamawile-megatornaduskommo-o
910-4USAWestley Long200 CP$750kyogre-primalxerneasgengar-megaincineroartornadusamoonguss
1010-4SLVRené Alvarenga200 CP$750groudon-primalxerneassalamence-megatapu-leleincineroaramoonguss
1110-4USAKevin Swastek200 CP$750xerneaslunalametagross-megatapu-lelecrobatsmeargle
1210-4USAJames Baek200 CP$750kyogre-primalxerneasincineroartornaduskartanaamoonguss
1310-4USAAlex Underhill200 CP$750groudon-primalxerneasgengar-megatapu-finiincineroarlandorus-therian
1410-4AUSShohei Kimura200 CP$750kyogre-primalrayquaza-megametagross-megatapu-kokoincineroarmimikyu
159-5USABingjie Wang200 CP$750kyogre-primalrayquaza-megatapu-kokotapu-finiincineroar