Teams and results from the 2019 Ang Mo Kio Special Event

Event2019 Ang Mo Kio Special Event Special Event
LocationSGP Ang Mo Kio, Singapore
DateMay 26, 2019
Attendance34 players (Masters)
VideogamePokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
Season2019 SeasonVGC 2019 Ultra Series
Travel AwardTBA

Masters Division

16-0TWNHao-Hsuan Sun200 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roadkyogre-primal Victory Roadgengar-mega Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadamoonguss Victory Roadwhimsicott Victory Road
24-2TWNChien-Chien Tsai160 CPkyogre-primal Victory Roadrayquaza-mega Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadbronzong Victory Roadcrobat Victory Roadtsareena Victory Road
35-1SGPChelsea Tan130 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roadyveltal Victory Roadsalamence-mega Victory Roadpersian-alolan Victory Roadnihilego Victory Roadferrothorn Victory Road
44-2TWNChen Wu130 CPkyogre-primal Victory Roadrayquaza-mega Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadcrobat Victory Roadferrothorn Victory Road
55-1TWNJenn-Chau Deh100 CPrayquaza-mega Victory Roadxerneas Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadnihilego Victory Roadamoonguss Victory Road
64-2SGPRonald Seet100 CPkyogre Victory Roadrayquaza-mega Victory Roadzapdos Victory Roadcelesteela Victory Roadwhimsicott Victory Roadtsareena Victory Road
74-2SGPMelvin Keh100 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roadxerneas Victory Roadsalamence-mega Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadshedinja Victory Road
84-2MYSKevin Ngim100 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roadxerneas Victory Roadgengar-mega Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadlandorus-therian Victory Roadamoonguss Victory Road
Usage stats
562.5% incineroar Victory Road
450% rayquaza-mega Victory Road groudon-primal Victory Road
337.5% xerneas Victory Road kyogre-primal Victory Road amoonguss Victory Road
225% whimsicott Victory Road tsareena Victory Road tapu-koko Victory Road tapu-fini Victory Road salamence-mega Victory Road nihilego Victory Road gengar-mega Victory Road ferrothorn Victory Road crobat Victory Road
112.5% zapdos Victory Road yveltal Victory Road shedinja Victory Road persian-alolan Victory Road landorus-therian Victory Road kyogre Victory Road celesteela Victory Road bronzong Victory Road

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