Teams and results from the 2019 Bogotá Special Event

Event2019 Bogotá Special Event
LocationCOL Bogotá, Colombia
DateMay 26, 2019
Attendance9 players (Masters)
VideogamePokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
Season2019 SeasonVGC 2019 Ultra Series
Travel AwardTBA

Masters Division

12-2COLChristian Rodriguez 200 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roadkyogre-primal Victory Roadgengar-mega Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadferrothorn Victory Road
23-1CANYuhui Xu 160 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roadxerneas Victory Roadsalamence-mega Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadshedinja Victory Road
33-1COLSergio Barreto 130 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roadxerneas Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadcrobat Victory Roadsmeargle Victory Road
42-2COLFredy Vanegas 130 CPkyogre-primal Victory Roaddialga Victory Roadsalamence-mega Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadbronzong Victory Roadferrothorn Victory Road
52-2COLAndrés Quintero100 CPrayquaza-mega Victory Roadnecrozma-dawn-wings Victory Roadtapu-lele Victory Roadkartana Victory Roadmilotic Victory Roadvolcarona Victory Road
62-2COLLuis Rubio100 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roaddialga Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadsmeargle Victory Roadstakataka Victory Roadferrothorn Victory Road
72-2COLDiego Llanes100 CPkyogre-primal Victory Roadrayquaza-mega Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadcelesteela Victory Roadwhimsicott Victory Roadterrakion Victory Road
82-2COLAndres Felipe Campos100 CPgroudon-primal Victory Roadlunala Victory Roadsalamence-mega Victory Roadmawile-mega Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadsmeargle Victory Road
Usage stats
5100%groudon-primal Victory Road
4100%tapu-fini Victory Road
360%kyogre-primal Victory Road tapu-koko Victory Road incineroar Victory Road salamence-mega Victory Road ferrothorn Victory Road smeargle Victory Road
240%xerneas Victory Road rayquaza-mega Victory Road dialga Victory Road
120%shedinja Victory Road necrozma-dawn-wings Victory Road mawile-mega Victory Road lunala Victory Road kartana Victory Road gengar-mega Victory Road celesteela Victory Road crobat Victory Road tapu-lele Victory Road milotic Victory Road bronzong Victory Road volcarona Victory Road stakataka Victory Road whimsicott Victory Road terrakion Victory Road

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