Forge your path to greatness… and to London 2020!

Official news on the Championship Points (CP) payouts and Best Finish Limits (BFL) of events in the 2020 Play! Pokémon season have been revealed by The Pokémon Company.

The dates and places of the first International Championships have also been revealed. Are you ready to kick off your journey to the 2020 World Championships?

Update August 16: As announced by Mr. Masuda at the 2019 World Championships, Pokémon Sword/Shield will be used during the 2020 Play! Pokémon season, starting on January 4, 2020.

Update August 27: qualification periods for International Championships and major events schedule for Europe have been added.

Summary of the changes

  • Format shift on January 4, 2020, to VGC20 rules played on Pokémon Sword/Shield. Until then, VGC19 Ultra Series ruleset.
  • Local events (Premier Challenge and Midseason Showdown) go back to the yearly BFL of 6 events each, meaning your 6 best results on each event type will count towards your 2020 Worlds invite, regardless on the time of the season you play at them. Both events will continue to have a separate BFL, and series will be divided as follows:
    • Autumn Series (OCIC Qualification Period): Sep. 1, 2019 to Nov. 17, 2019
    • Winter Series (EUIC Qualification Period): Nov. 18, 2019 to Feb. 23, 2020
    • Spring Series (NAIC Qualification Period): Feb. 24, 2020 to Apr. 19, 2020
    • Summer Series: Apr. 20, 2020 to Jun. 21, 2020 
  • Regionals and Special Events still share BFL, but it has been decreased from 8 to 6. Entry fees depend on each event’s organizer.
  • No changes on the International Championships.
    • BFL of 4.
    • Same order as in the 2019 season: Latin America, Oceania, Europe and North America.
    • Same qualification period and travel award process (read below).

Major events schedule


15-17 Nov 19Latin America InternationalsBRASão Paulo, BrazilVGC19U
21-23 Feb 20Oceania InternationalsAUSMelbourne, AustraliaVGC20
17-19 Apr 20Europe InternationalsDEUBerlin, GermanyVGC20
26-28 Jun 20North America InternationalsUSATBAVGC20


7-8 Sep 19Sheffield RegionalsGBRSheffield, EnglandVGC19U
28-29 Sep 19Köln RegionalsDEUKöln, GermanyVGC19U
2-3 Nov 19Paris Special EventFRANanterre, FranceVGC19U
11-12 Jan 20Bochum RegionalsDEUBochum, GermanyVGC20
7-8 Mar 20Malmö RegionalsSWEMalmö, SwedenVGC20
2-3 May 20Liverpool RegionalsGBRLiverpool, EnglandVGC20

North America

17-18 Ago 19DC OpenUSAWashington D.C.VGC19U
28-29 Sep 19Atlantic City RegionalsUSAAtlantic City, NJVGC19U
12-13 Oct 19Knoxville RegionalsUSAKnoxville, TNVGC19U
2-3 Nov 19Richmond RegionalsUSARichmond, VAVGC19U
9-10 Nov 19Portland RegionalsUSAPortland, ORVGC19U
30 Nov-1 Dec 19Daytona Beach RegionalsUSADaytona Beach, FLVGC19U
7-8 Dec 19San Diego RegionalsUSASan Diego, CAVGC19U
18-19 Jan 20Dallas RegionalsUSADallas, TXVGC20
28 Feb-1 Mar 20 Collinsville RegionalsUSACollinsville, ILVGC20
14-15 Mar 20Mississauga RegionalsCANMississauga, ONVGC20
21-22 Mar 20Charlotte RegionalsUSACharlotte, NCVGC20
4-5 Apr 20Salt Lake City RegionalsUSASalt Lake City, UTVGC20
9-10 May 20Albany RegionalsUSAAlbany, NYVGC20
23-24 May 20Santa Clara RegionalsUSASanta Clara, CAVGC20
23-24 May 20Fort Wayne RegionalsUSAFort Wayne, INVGC20
6-7 Jun 20Milwaukee RegionalsUSAMilwaukee, WIVGC20


1 Sep 19Melbourne Open (Spe.)AUSMelbourne, VicVGC19U

Championship Series Events

Local Events

Major events

Qualification Periods and Travel Awards for Internationals

  • During the 2020 Season, players may obtain Travel Awards to International Championships depending on the amount of CP obtained during certain periods:
InternationalsFirst DayFinal Day
(Latin America)
April 29, 2019June 30, 2019
July 1, 2019November 17, 2019
November 18, 2019February 23, 2020
(North America)
February 24, 2020April 19, 2020
  • It is yet unknown how many players will obtain an Award and its value.
  • Please notice that Travel Awards periods for the International Championships differ from Series BFL in local events.
    • This means, for example, that during the 2020 Season only the 6 best results at those local events will be taken into account for the 2020 World Championships CP count, but if that some of those CP are obtained during the Latin American Internationals Travel Award period (shown above) and some during the Oceania one, points will be counted separately towards those awards.

Invites to the 2020 World Championships

So what now?

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