I hear Shedinja in my oreillette — Team Report from Hippolyte Bernard, the 2020 Köln Regional Champion

Hi everyone, my name is Hippolyte Bernard (@RedsilverVGC on Twitter). I’m a French VGC player, and I just won the 2020 Köln Regional Championships. I’m here to share with you the team, my teambuilding process and choices, and how the games I played at the event went.

salamence-mega Teambuilding

The two weeks before Cologne, I had the opportunity to play at 2 Premier Challenges in Paris, the level of which was decent. I ran LunaDon and I lost twice to XernDon Shedinja. Since I had a lot of experience with the XernDon archetype, I decided to use it.


These 5 were the obvious picks, and for the last slot, I was hesitating between Amoonguss, Kartana and Shedinja. Amoonguss provides redirection and is good versus Xerneas, while Kartana poses a bigger threat to RayOgre teams and Shedinja turns into a wincon after you KO its threats on the opposing team. In the end, I chose Shedinja because I had been eliminated twice by these same 6 Pokémon, and they felt like a good call for the event. 

salamence-mega The Team

▶️ Get the importable version of the team here!

Xerneas Victory Road
BOOM BOOM (Xerneas) @ Power Herb
Ability: Fairy Aura
EVs: 236 HP / 84 Def / 68 SpA / 4 SpD / 116 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Moonblast
– Dazzling Gleam
– Geomancy
– Protect 

Since I have several options against opposing Xerneas in my team, I investead heavily on bulk instead of speed, and I don’t regret it at all. The speed stat allows me to outspeed opposing Tapu Koko and Gengar-M at +1, after boosting up with Geomancy and taking an Icy Wind, for exemple.

The bulk was enough to survive 2 Precipice Blades from 156 Atk Adamant Groudon, which became a good benchmark after Worlds, as well as 2 boosted Moonblast from very bulky Xerneas.

On the other hand, the offensive EVs allow me to 2HKO any Incineroar with Dazzling Gleam at +2 without activating its pinch berry while also give me a decent chance (15/16) to KO specially bulky Salamence with Moonblast at neutral.

Groudon-Primal Victory Road
BOOM BOOM ! (Groudon) @ Red Orb
Ability: Drought
EVs: 252 HP / 44 Atk / 4 Def / 148 SpD / 60 Spe
Adamant Nature
– Precipice Blades
– Fire Punch
– Roar
– Protect 

Groudon is the weather pillar of the team, and also a key Pokémon to threaten opposing Incineroar and Groudon, two of the most prominent threats in the meta. This spread allows to take 3 Ice Beam from bulky Kyogre while 2HKOing the bulkless variants. Remaining EVs were placed in speed, which was cool because it allowed my Groudon to be faster than those I saw on Worlds team reports.

Salamence-Mega Victory Road
I want (Salamence-Mega) @ Salamencite
Ability: Aerilate
Level: 50
EVs: 52 HP / 44 Atk / 4 Def / 252 SpD / 156 Spe
Jolly Nature
– Double-Edge
– Earthquake
– Tailwind
– Protect 

Salamence provides speed control to the entire team with Tailwind. Double-Edge was chosen to quickly get rid of annoying threats by dealing sheer damage to them. On the other hand, Earthquake is a tech move against Nihilego and also allows me to run Jolly Nature instead of Hasty. Besides, the move pairs well with Shedinja because you will never hit it with Earthquake, Soaked or not.

The bulk investment enable Salamence to survive Moonblast from Modest Tapu Lele and Lunala’s Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom, therefore ensuring I’m able to set up my speed control almost all the time, whereas the attack EVs ensure the KO on bulkless Tapu Lele with Double-Edge. Leftovers EVs were placed in speed.

Tapu-Fini Victory Road
you (Tapu Fini) @ Wiki Berry
Ability: Misty Surge
Level: 50
EVs: 244 HP / 76 Def / 4 SpA / 76 SpD / 108 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
– Nature’s Madness
– Icy Wind
– Haze
– Soak 

Tapu Fini is the best Island Guardian in the XernDon archetype. It’s very bulky, which turns it into a great support Pokémon for Groudon and Shedinja. Its speed allows it to outspeed its partner Groudon, so I can use Nature’s Madness or Haze before sending the blades or the punch.

Haze is also useful to deny opposing setups like Geomancy or Swords Dance while also clearing any attack drops. Icy Wind is here to do big damage to Salamence and ensure my Groudon is faster than the opposing one. For obvious reasons, Soak is here to turn Shedinja into a Water-type Pokémon when desired.

Incineroar Victory Road
in (Incineroar) @ Incinium Z   
Ability: Intimidate   
Level: 50   
EVs: 236 HP / 36 Def / 236 SpD   
Careful Nature   
IVs: 29 Spe   
– Darkest Lariat   
– Flare Blitz   
– U-turn   
– Fake Out 

Incineroar is the best non-restricted Pokémon in VGC19, and Intimidate, Fake Out and slow U-turn play a big role for it. I wanted to use its Z-move to get rid of Lunala, but at the same time I chose to be bulky because I don’t need to KO it as long as it gets in range for my Shedinja’s Shadow Sneak.

I bred it with these speed IVs to avoid speed ties with other Incineroar while still being faster than bulky Primals after Icy Wind. It was not very useful in this team nor the tournament, but it was the spread I used when I played LunaDon so I kept it. I never used Flare Blitz in the tournament.

Shedinja Victory Road
my room ! (Shedinja) @ Focus Sash   
Ability: Wonder Guard   
Level: 50   
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe   
Lonely Nature   
IVs: 0 Def / 0 SpD   
– Shadow Sneak   
– Ally Switch   
– Toxic   
– Protect 

This 1HP bug is the MVP of the tournament. Shedinja allows me win so much games because of his Wonder Guard ability. If you don’t know how it works, Wonder Guard makes Shedinja immune to non-super-effective moves.

By default, its weaknesses are Fire, Dark, Flying, Rock and Ghost. However, If I use Soak on it with Tapu Fini, then its typing changes to just Water, which only has 2 weaknesses: Grass and Electric.

When it comes to its moves, Shadow Sneak can finish off low HP Pokémon and has priority, which is always great. Ally Switch allows you to win games you are not supposed to win, and Toxic is here to prevent losing on timer.

I hesitated to drop my Shedinja’s speed to win a Shedinja 1v1 with Toxic, but in the end I just kept it max speed. The only good thing when running max speed is that I can Ally Switch before Extreme Speed from M-Rayquaza under Tailwind. Finally, I minimized my bulk to nerf any Pokémon aiming to use Transform into my Shedinja. 

salamence-mega Team Match-Ups

ArchetypeCommon leads
groudon-primalxerneasgroudon-primal + xerneas / tapu-fini + shedinja
lunalagroudon-primalgroudon-primal + xerneas / tapu-fini + shedinja
rayquaza-megaxerneasxerneas + salamence-mega / groudon-primal + shedinja
xerneaslunalaxerneas + incineroar / groudon-primal + shedinja
kyogre-primalrayquaza-megaxerneas + salamence-mega / groudon-primal + shedinja
Psyspamgroudon-primal + incineroar / tapu-fini + shedinja

salamence-mega Tournament Run

Swiss Rounds

Round 1 vs ESP Pablo Martin (5-3) | WW

Game 1
I led with Groudon and Xerneas up against his own Xerneas and Persian. On turn 1, he used Fake Out on my Xerneas while I went for Fire Punch on his deer. Scared by Roar, he decided to Dazzling Gleam instead of Geomancy. Then, he protected with Groudon and taunted my Xerneas while I tried to Geomancy and Precipice Blades. On turn 3, he clicked Geomancy and used Parting Shot to switch into Salamence, but Moonblast + (-2) Precipice Blades were enough to KO his Xerneas anyway.

At this point, I had to deal with Groudon. I sent the Blades with my Groudon and let my Xerneas die from Eruption while my Groudon survived his Eruption + Double-Edge combo. On the following turn, I thought he’d be scared of Shedinja switching in and would use Hyper Voice + Eruption, but he went for Eruption + Tailwind while I sacrificed my Groudon to let my Shedinja come in freely.

The problem here is that I doubled missed Icy Wind and dealt no damage to his Salamence. With Shedinja, I protected and used Icy Wind once more, which connected on the Salamence. Then, I failed at double protecting, but he Double-Edged my Tapu Fini, activating the berry and taking enough recoil to get KOed after another Icy Wind.

However, since Shedinja had no Focus Sash anymore, and was facing Persian and Groudon at -2 in speed, I was about to forfeit, but I decided to play the next turn because my opponent could still choke, and I was right. My opponent obviously didn’t know I couldn’t Ally Switch and self-Soak my Shedinja, and proceeded to Foul Play my Tapu Fini, which survived with ~10 HP, soaked my Shedinja, and won me the game from here. 

Game 2
We both lead the same thing but this time he went for Fake Out Geomancy turn 1. I clicked once again Fire Punch first in order to try to make him think I didn’t have Roar on Groudon. It worked well since he went for Parting Shot instead of Taunt. The Roar and the Parting Shot lead to the following scenario: my Groudon and Xerneas were up against his Groudon and Kartana, no Salamence this time.

I clicked Geomancy + Fire Punch on Kartana, since taking it down meant that Soaked Shedinja won the game by itself, but he revealed Grassium Z on his Kartana and KO’ed my Groudon with Eruption + Bloom Doom. My Xerneas survived the turn with low HP and got its boosts. I then switched in Shedinja to force the Ally Switch mindgame, but I predicted he would Detect with Kartana and use Eruption to break my Sash while KOing my Xerneas, so I clicked Moonblast on Groudon and Shadow Sneak with Shedinja which worked perfectly. I got a SpA drop, which I don’t think I needed because he dealt 11 HP damage on my Xerneas (which had 40 HP remaning). On next turn and for the first time of the set, I clicked Ally Switch and Dazzling Gleam, and a Smart Strike went into my Shedinja. I couldn’t lose the set at this point. I finished with Shadow Sneak and Dazzling Gleam on Persian and won the set.

Round 2 vs GBR Damir Kodzoman (5-3) | WW

Game 1
I predicted he would Fake Out my Xerneas, so I switched Salamence out to keep the Intimidate for later while having Groudon’s pressure on the field on turn 2. As expected, he used Fake Out on my Xerneas and set up a Light Screen.

On the following turn, he sent Salamence to replace his Incineroar and used Nature’s Madness on Xerneas as I went for Geomancy + Blades. At this point, I didn’t care for Haze since it would also bring my Groudon’s attack up to neutral. On turn 3, I clicked Dazzling Gleam and Blades to KO Tapu Fini without activating its pinch berry, while his Salamence just protected. I won the match easily from here by spamming Intimidate with Salamence and Incineroar, so he couldn’t deal the damage to my Xerneas. Important note: his Groudon was physical and faster than my Xerneas.

Game 2
This time, he lead with double Intimidate as I used the same leads. To play safe, I protected my Xerneas and sent in Incineroar. Since his Incineroar stayed on the field, I had a free Geomancy on turn 2. As in game 1, I won by spamming Intimidate and swept through his team with Xerneas. I won the all set without losing any Pokémon.

Round 3 vs ITA Luca Ceribelli (6-2) | WW

Game 1
I led Incineroar and Xerneas while he used Kangaskhan and Lunala. As every time I’m in this turn 1 scenario, I clicked Malicious Moonsault on Lunala and Geomancy. He Faked Out my Xerneas and switched out his Lunala for Xerneas who took my Z move with ease.

On turn 2, I went for U-turn and sent in Groudon while he Double-Edged my Xerneas at -1 and we traded Geomancy. I had Shedinja in the back, so I decided to Moonblast the Kangaskhan and Fire Punch the Xerneas. He protected his Xerneas and sent back his Incineroar, and I don’t remember exactly what I did (Fire Punch into the Protect or Precipice Blades and missed the Incineroar), but his Incineroar ended up surviving thanks to its Assault Vest. 

Since my Xerneas was going to die on the next turn, I switched it out for Shedinja. I got a first kill on the Incineroar while he Dazzling Gleamed, too scared by Ally Switch to click Moonblast. He then brought Kangaskhan and I predict he was going to Bite, so I protected my Shedinja and sent the Blades, which put both Kangaskhan and Xerneas in the red HP zone.

His Kangaskhan was now useless on the field and so I decided to Precipice Blades and Toxic that slot, which worked well since he switched in Lunala. I then protected Shedinja while he predicted it and proceeded to Z-move on Groudon, but Xerneas switched back in and took one for the team. Then, I finished his Xerneas on next turn with Fake Out and used Shadow Sneak on Lunala. He broke my Sash but couldn’t come back since he couldn’t beat both my Incineroar and my Groudon with his Kangaskhan. 

Game 2
This time, he decided to bring Amoonguss and Xerneas in lead. A very clever choice given that I didn’t bring Tapu Fini in game 1, and also one I didn’t predict. For the opening turn, I used Fake Out on his Amoonguss and we traded Geomancy. I tried to KO Amoonguss with Dazzling Gleam and Flare Blitz on turn 2, but he protected and clicked Moonblast on my Xerneas. I went for the same play at turn 3 but he switched out his Amoonguss for Incineroar. 

Then, I protected my Xerneas and let my Incineroar get KOed to send in Groudon, which used Roar against his protecting Xerneas as I KOed Incineroar with my own deer.

I was then in front of Lunala and Amoonguss. To avoid taking the Z-move from Lunala, I switched in Shedinja to sponge both MMM and Spore. Since I knew my opponent was going to Rage Powder on the next turn, I decided to Moonblast the Lunala slot to put it in range of Shadow Sneak. Then, I thought he was going to Protect Lunala, so I protected my Xerneas, but he sent back in his 50-60% Xerneas and my Shedinja took its guaranteed first sleep turn.

The following turn, he sacrificed his Xerneas because he wanted to have his Lunala on the field before my Shedinja woke up, and Spored my Xerneas. Finally, my Shedinja woke up when Lunala came back and won me the game, since Amoonguss went for Clear Smog on Xerneas. I won the game from here since I still had my Groudon in the back. Even though, I won 2-0, this set was very intense and my opponent played very well. 

Round 4 vs ITA Giovanni Piscitelli (6-2) | WW

Game 1
He led with Metagross and Tornadus as I sent out Xerneas and Incineroar. First, I decided to Fake Out the Metagross and Moonblast the Tornadus to bypass Taunt, but he Z-moved my Incineroar and Moonblast did 75-80% to Tornadus. On turn 2, I decided to go for Dazzling Gleam because I was ready to sacrifice my Xerneas, who already did the job, as he doubled on it with a blind Hurricane and Iron Head while I U-turned on Tornadus to put it in range of Shadow Sneak from my Shedinja. I sent in Groudon and predicted his Incineroar switch in by clicking Precipice Blades and Toxic on it. I just had to wait for the poison damage and won the game from there.

Game 2
chose Tapu Fini instead of Xerneas while my opponent lead Metagross and Incineroar. Since my Incineroar was slower than his, I switched out Tapu Fini for Shedinja and tried to U-turn on Metagross but he protected it as he tried to U-turn but failed as well since Shedinja’s Wonder Guard sponged it. On the next turn, I had several options of board-repositioning, but I decided to click Ally Switch and U-turn since I didn’t think my opponent would see it coming, since I could have just protected and U-turned.

The play was perfect, as Stomping Tantrum failed on Shedinja and the Darkest Lariat crashed on Incineroar while I was able to switch in my Groudon freely in front of Incineroar and Metagross. On the next turn, I clicked Precipice Blades and Toxic on the Incineroar slot as my opponent switched in Tornadus and protected his Metagross.

I then protected my Groudon and sent back in my Incineroar, and his Z-move went into Incineroar as he switched in Kyogre. I decided on using Fake Out on Kyogre and sending a row of Blades for the next turn as he replaced his Tornadus with Incineroar, but I got a lucky critical hit which put the Kyogre in Shadow Sneak KO range.

I just had to send in Tapu Fini and protect Shedinja as I secured the game with Icy Wind and Soak because he couldn’t beat my Shedinja anymore. This critical hit helped me a lot, but I think I could have won without it, since I still had my Focus Sash on Shedinja so repositioning was still possible for me. At this point, I had a 4-0 record and was 8-0 in set. I was halfway there and had to keep it up.

Round 5 vs ESP Alex Gomez (7-1) | LWL

Game 1
I faced Alex
’s team several times on the ladder, and I had a precise game plan for it. I led Salamence and Xerneas and he lead Kyogre and Nihilego, as expected. I usually Earthquake and switch in Shedinja, but I didn’t do it since I thought Alex would check the Earthquake. I was totally wrong, as he went for Sludge Bomb and Water Spout while I switched in Shedinja and Geomancy. I lost my Xerneas turn 1 and the game was over right there.

Game 2
We both kept the game plans from game 1, and this time I went for the Earthquake + Shedinja switch-in play, which worked perfectly and put the Nihilego at 1 HP thanks to its Focus Sash. He KOed my Salamence with Ice Beam, which was perfect since I had a free Xerneas switch-in.

I proceeded to set up Geomancy and KOed the Nihilego with Shadow Sneak as he used Water Spout after Geomancy, which left me with ~60% HP left. He finally brought Rayquaza and predicted his Protect, so I went for Shadow Sneak + Moonblast to take the KO on his Kyogre. That was cool, I was not in Extreme Speed rang yet and he sent out Kartana.

I clicked Dazzling Gleam and Shadow Sneak on his Kartana, but he got a Double Protect with his Rayquaza and managed to put my Xerneas in range of Extreme Speed with Smart Strike. I protected Shedinja and let my Xerneas die, and ended up forcing a game 3 because of Ally Switch.

Game 3
I thought that Alex would change his leads, and
predicted a Tapu Koko coming here instead of Nihilego. I was wrong, as he kept his previous lead of Kyogre and Nihilego as I sent out Incineroar and Xerneas.

The problem is that I had Groudon and Shedinja in the back, so I had no Salamence to deal with his Nihilego. I got my Geomancy boost on turn 1, but he managed to set up Trick Room with the Nihilego on turn 2 and I lost from here since I took too much damage on my boosted Xerneas. 

Round 6 vs ITA Alssio Astrea (6-2) | LWL

Game 1
I lead Xerneas and Groudon in front of Metagross and Yveltal. He brought Togedemaru on the Yveltal slot while I went for Protect and Blades, but missed the Togedemaru, who Encored my Xerneas on next turnThen he brought Xerneas and set it up. I lost from here since I didn’t deal enough damage to his Yveltal, so he was able to clean the rest of my team (Incineroar and Shedinja) easily.

Game 2
I decided to lead Groudon and Incineroar to get rid of 
its Togedemaru as soon as possible and set up the Soak Shedinja I was hiding in the back. He lead Yveltal and Togedemaru. The 2 first turns, I clicked Fire Punch and Flare Blitz on his Togedemaru, which was Sturdy and packed a Pinch berry. He Faked Out my Incineroar on turn 1 and managed to get the KO on it the following turn. Then, I revealed Tapu Fini and Shedinja in the back and it was over from here. I got to learn in this game that the Yveltal was holding the Darkium Z.

Game 3
I decided
to bring my G1 lead and my G2 back as he led Hitmontop and Yveltal. All I had to do was deal damage to then win with Soak Shedinja. I decided to click Fire Punch and Moonblast on the Yveltal slot, who switched out for Togedemaru. He used Fake Out on my Xerneas and my Fire Punch activated Sturdy and the berry.

On next turn, he went for Nuzzle on Xerneas and I was not able to KO the Togedemaru with Moonblast while he also sent Metagross out. Later, I did a big mistake by thinking my Tapu Fini could take an Iron Head after Super Fang from Togedemaru, which costed my my Soak user.

I finally tried to predict every switch-in by using Toxic and Fire Punch, but I was not able to do enough damage and Yveltal cleaned the game. This loss was very hard for me since I had the feeling I could’ve won it easily. At this point, no more losses allowed. I checked the online pairings and noticed that I had an insane resistance, so I had to forgot my 2 previous matches and win the 2 remaining rounds. 

Round 7 vs ITA Pasquale Esposito (5-3) | WW

Game 1
I don’t remember much of this game. He lead Kangaskhan Lunala and I had Incineroar and Tapu Fini. He used Fake Out on my Tapu Fini and brought Incineroar, who easily took the Z-move. On the next turn, I sent Groudon out because I expected his Incineroar to stay in.

I was right, but on the following turn he went for the Bite and got the flinch on my Groudon, which costed me a lot of possible damage. He brought his Lunala back and I could have won the game with a clean Geomancy, but my Xerneas got flinched by Bite as well.

This first game came down to me predicting his Kangaskhan switching out as I clicked Geomancy and KOed his Lunala with Darkest Lariat. Then, facing Incineroar and Groudon, and I won the match after my Xerneas survived 2 Precipice Blades and 1 Fire Punch from his Groudon at -1.

Game 2
I played more carefully with Tapu Fini since he brought Jumpluff. We both sent Precipices Blades at each other, but he missed my Groudon twice. Nonetheless, I won this second game easily since I Fire Punch’d the second time to ensure he was in range of Shadow Sneak later. I avoided a few other Precipice Blades so I was allowed to take the game with Xerneas and Shedinja without needing Soak.

Round 8 vs NDL Jorijn Raijmakers (5-3) | LWW

Game 1
As I always do against XernDon, I lead my 2 restricted Pokémon for this first game as my opponent lead Incineroar and Tornadus. I clicked Moonblast and Fire Punch on the Tornadus slot, but Fake Out on Xerneas and a critical hit on Groudon with the Z-Move disrupted my plans. Since I did no damage to his Tornadus, I knew it was lost from here. I kept on playing the game to scout his sets, though: Groudon was fast with Eruption and his Xerneas was slower than mine.

Game 2
We both kept our leads but this time he Faked Out my Groudon and taunted my Xerneas. I let my Pokémon die as fast as I could so I could Soak my Shedinja and win the game from there. I missed a Precipice Blades on his Groudon, so my opponent was able to win a lot of time. There were 5 minutes remaining as we went into game 3.

Game 3
I stayed with my comfort leads once more while he led with Groudon and Tapu Fini. Knowing his Groudon was fast, I didn’t see a scenario where he could KO my Pokémon. I also expected him to fear my Shedinja in the back, so I went for Moonblast and Precipice Blades on the Groudon slot, who switched out for an Incineroar that got KOed. The cheap damage on Tapu Fini also guaranteed the KO with boosted Moonblast.

He sent out his Xerneas and we traded Geomancy while his Tapu Fini used Nature’s Madness on my Xerneas. I revealed Roar at this exact turn and the game turned into my advantage from here. I switched out my Groudon and revealed my Salamence in the back, KOed the Tapu Fini with Moonblast and my side took a full-power (critical-hit on Salamence) Eruption. After this, both my Pokémon had few HP remaining.

On next turn, I went for Protect with Xerneas to check if he protected and used Earthquake with Salamence to clean both restricteds. His Xerneas tried to set up a new Geomancy, so I KOed it the charging turn and won the game from there. 

After the 8 Swiss rounds, I was sitting with a 6-2 record and got the 9th place seed with an insane resistance (~70%)I was really happy, but no satisfied, though. My goal was to bring back my first brick at home.

I left the venue without knowing what my top 16 opponent was playing. Before going to bed, I just scouted his Worlds team and said “Ok, I will do what I always do” and I switched off the lights without practicing the gameplans.

Top Cut

Top 16 vs ITA Leonardo Bonanomi | WW

Game 1
I lead Xerneas and Groudon as he lead Groudon and Tapu Fini. My Groudon was faster than his, so I went for Moonblast + Precipice Blades but it didn’t get the KO the Groudon (it was in the red though). My opponent went for Precipices Blades too and Haze.

On the second turn, I clicked Dazzling Gleam and Precipice Blades to get a double KO. He sent Salamence and Xerneas and Double-Edged my Xerneas who survived with 10-20 HP and took the KO on the opposing Salamence with Moonblast. The game was locked at this point since I had Shedinja in the back. 

Game 2
We both led the same as in game 1, but I went for Geomancy and Precipice Blades. I got a critical hit on Groudon, which I think didn’t matter, but at least ensured the KO with Dazzling Gleam on the next turn. As in game 1, he sacrificed his two Pokémon, but revealed Incineroar this time instead of Salamence. He went for Fake Out on Xerneas and clicked Geomancy while I used Precipice Blades. Since my Xerneas was faster than his, I KOed the Incineroar and won with Shedinja hidden in the back.

Top 8 vs ITA Flavio Del Pidio | WW

Game 1
I lead Salamence and Xerneas in front of Nihilego and Tapu Fini. I clicked Earthquake to get rid of Nihilego, but he replaced it with Salamence. boosted my Xerneas with Geomancy while he set up Light Screen with Tapu Fini. 

On turn 2, I went for Moonblast on Rayquaza but it didn’t get the KO and also set up a Tailwind with Salamence. I took Dragon Ascent on Xerneas and Haze. On turn 3, I predicted his Nihilego would switch in, so I went for Dazzling Gleam and Earthquake. Then I picked up the KO on Tapu Fini with Double-Edge and won with Shedinja, since Rayquaza was in Shadow Sneak range and my opponent’s last Pokémon was Xerneas. 

Game 2
Since I didn’t use my Groudon in game 1, I decided to not bring it in game 2 and chose Tapu Fini instead. I double switched for Tapu Fini and Shedinja turn 2 and won thanks to SoakThere were 35 minutes remaining on round timer, which was not enough for my opponent to win. Shedinja managed to poison Xerneas, Incineroar and Rayquaza and finished off Nihilego with -6 Shadow Sneaks.

Top 4 vs ITA Michele Gavelli | WW

As this match was streamed, I will just comment a few things:

Game 1: I tried to KO his Kangaskhan since it posed a threat for a Shedinja that couldn’t Protect. Lunala was the second and last Shedinja threat afterwards.

G2: I nailed almost every read between Precipice Blades and Fire Punch. The Precipice Blades miss helped me, but I could have definitely won without it.

Final vs ESP Alex Gomez | WLW

Game 1: I tried to KO the Kyogre as soon as possible to free the pressure on my Groudon. I predicted Alex to go for Swords Dance and the Roar put me in a very good position. 

Game 2: Once again, I expected Alex would not bring his Nihilego. Once again, I was wrong and got destroyed in this game. 

Game 3: His game 2 composition couldn’t hit Soaked Shedinja, and I knew we had enough time to play a long game. I predicted every switch he made to ensure my win before the timer ended anyway.

salamence-mega Final thoughts

And this is how I won one of Europe’s most stacked Regionals ever and brought back home 200 CP and $3000. As one might expect, even though I started playing competitively in late 2016, this is my favourite format for sure

Finally, I would like to give a few shoutouts:

  • Alekso and Thomas, for the team idea and the flowcharts. Shedinja did as well as we expected.
  • The Fortree Brave Birds and Rest Of Europe, as I wouldn’t have reached this level as a player without them.
  • French “sexe” community, for their amazing support.
  • Maël, for being such a cool roommate
  • The crew behind the stream, as my family was very happy to see my success live from home.
  • All the judges who ensured the smooth running of the tournament, you all did a really good job.

Thanks for reading my report, and see you in Nanterre!

初めまして、Hippolyte Bernardと申します。私はフランスでVGCに取り組んでおり、ついこの間開催されたケルンリージョナルでの優勝を果たしました。この記事では構築経緯およびどのようにこの構築を使用したかを紹介していきたいと思います。

salamence-mega 構築経緯

ケルンに向かう2週間前、パリの方で2つのPremier Challengesで練習することができ、大会自体のレベルもそれなりに高い方でした。この2つの大会でグラルナを使用しましたが、ヌケニン入りのグラゼルネに二度も敗北しました。このアーキタイプを使い慣れていた私は、グラゼルネを持っていくことを決めました。



salamence-mega 個別解説

▶️ Get the importable version of the team here!

Xerneas Victory Road
性格 ひかえめ
努力値 236-0-84-68-4-116
特性 フェアリーオーラ
持ち物 パワフルハーブ
技構成 ムーンフォース マジカルシャイン ジオコントロール まもる


Groudon-Primal Victory Road
性格 いじっぱり
努力値 252-44-4-0-148-60
特性 ひでり
持ち物 べにいろのたま
技構成 だんがいのつるぎ ほのおのパンチ ほえる まもる


Salamence-Mega Victory Road
性格 ようき
努力値 52-44-4-0-252-156
特性 いかく
持ち物 ボーマンダナイト
技構成 すてみタックル じしん おいかぜ まもる


Tapu-Fini Victory Road
性格 おだやか
努力値 244-0-76-4-76-108
特性 ミストフィールド
持ち物 ウイのみ
技構成 しぜんのいかり こごえるかぜ くろいきり みずびたし


Incineroar Victory Road
性格 しんちょう
努力値 236-0-36-0-236-0 *S個体値29
特性 いかく
持ち物 ガオガエンZ
技構成 ねこだまし とんぼがえり DDラリアット フレアドライ ブ


Shedinja Victory Road
性格 さみしがり
努力値 0-252-0-0-0-252 *B・D個体値0
特性 ふしぎなまもり
持ち物 きあいのタスキ
技構成 かげうち サイドチェンジ どくどく まもる


salamence-mega Team Match-Ups

ArchetypeCommon leads
groudon-primalxerneasgroudon-primal + xerneas / tapu-fini + shedinja
lunalagroudon-primalgroudon-primal + xerneas / tapu-fini + shedinja
rayquaza-megaxerneasxerneas + salamence-mega / groudon-primal + shedinja
xerneaslunalaxerneas + incineroar / groudon-primal + shedinja
kyogre-primalrayquaza-megaxerneas + salamence-mega / groudon-primal + shedinja
Psyspamgroudon-primal + incineroar / tapu-fini + shedinja

salamence-mega 対戦レポート


Round 1 vs ESP Pablo Martin (5-3) | WW