Teams and Results from the 2020 Japan Decisive Battle

Event2020 Japan Decisive Battle
DateMain stage: 1 August 2020
Final stage (Top 4): 22 August 2020
Attendance150 qualified players
VideogamePokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield
Season2020 SeasonVGC 2020 Series 5

Teams and Results (final stage)

1JPNKōhei Sakurai
2JPNTakuto Notohara
3JPNYūki Itō
4JPNTakashi Yamamoto


The players that achieved the following results in online competitions (challenge format) qualified for the Japan Decisive Battle:

  • Top 30 Japanese players from the February International Challenge
  • Top 30 Japanese players from the April International Challenge
  • Top 30 Japanese players from the May International Challenge
  • Top 60 Japanese players from the Japan Decisive Battle Qualifiers (2629 June)

The main stage consisted in yet another online competition (challenge format) taking place on 1 August. The Top 50 players automatically qualify for 2021 Japan National Championships. You can find the results of the main stage in this Liberty Note article!

Additionally, the Top 4 advance to a single-elimination best-of-three final stage, taking place on 22 August, in which they could use a different team than in the main stage.

Final stage streaming (in Japanese)

The streaming starts with the Junior and Senior categories. Master players start at 6:12:40.

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