Teams and Results from the 2020 Pokémon Korean Champion Invitational

Event2020 Pokémon Korean Champion Invitational
LocationSeoul, South Korea
Date5 September 2020
Attendance4 players
VideogamePokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield
Season2020 SeasonVGC 2020 Series 5

Teams and Results

1KORLee Jun-hee
2KORJeong Sang-yoon
T4KORJeon Chae-won
T4KORJeong Seong-jae


The following players received an invite from Pokémon Korea to play this Invitational exhibition:

  • Jeon Chae-won, as 2019–20 Korean League S1 Champion in the Junior division.
  • Lee Jun-hee, as 2019–20 Korean League S1 Champion in the Senior division.
  • Jeong Seong-jae (Nayeon), as 2019–20 Korean League S1 Runner-up in the Master division.
  • Jeong Sang-yoon (YooN), as Pokémon Trainers Cup Champion.

The exhibition had a single-elimination best-of-three format. Even though it was broadcast when Series 6 was already the official ruleset, the exhibition was played following VGC 2020 Series 5 rules.

Streaming (in Korean)

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