Teams and results from the Grand Finale of the VR Circuit: Winter Series

EventVR Circuit: Winter Series – Grand Finale
Date3-4 April 2021
Attendance16 qualified players
VideogamePokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield
Season2021 SeasonVGC21 Series 8
FormatSingle elimination

Teams and Results

1CUBKevin Salvetto
(Lil Bo Peep)

Team report here!
2ESPEric Rios
3USAKyle Geffner
4ESPGuillermo Castilla
5ITAFlavio Del Pidio
6ITAMatteo Agostini
7GBRTaran Birdee
8ESPRamsés Quintana
9JPNYosuke Takayanagi
10USAMichael D’Angelo
11ESPVíctor Medina
12ESPManuel Barea
13ITAGiuseppe Alario
(Il Mule)
14ITADaniele Spuntarelli
15USAAlex Underhill
16ITADamiano La Barbera


Five Qualifiers were held during February and March 2021 to earn VR Points and an invite to the Grand Finale. With a BFL (best-finish limit) of 2, the Qualifiers were held at different times so that everybody around the globe could adapt and play the ones that better suited their timezone.

All the events had an open-teamsheet format! Further information about the circuit can be found in its official website!

You can find the results from the Qualifiers here:

The Top 16 players after the end of the Qualifiers were the following, ordered by seed:

  1. ITA Flavio Del Pidio, 550 VR Points
  2. JPN Yosuke Takayanagi, 480 VR Points
  3. USA Michael D’Angelo, 450 VR Points
  4. ITA Matteo Agostini, 400 VR Points
  5. ESP Víctor Medina, 400 VR Points
  6. ESP Manuel Barea, 400 VR Points
  7. ITA Giuseppe Alario, 380 VR Points
  8. ITA Daniele Spuntarelli, 350 VR Points
  9. USA Kyle Geffner, 350 VR Points
  10. ESP Eric Rios, 350 VR Points
  11. GBR Taran Birdee, 350 VR Points
  12. CUB Kevin Salvetto, 300 VR Points
  13. USA Alex Underhill, 300 VR Points
  14. ESP Guillermo Castilla, 300 VR Points
  15. ESP Ramsés N. Quintana, 300 VR Points
  16. ITA Damiano La Barbera, 280 VR Points

Italian Damiano La Barbera earned the last spot after resolving the tie at 280 VR Points by defeating American Jon Hu in a best-of-five set. You can see the full ranking here!

All sets in the Winter Series Grand Finale were played as best-of-three matches, while the Grand Finals were played as best-of-five.


All matches were streamed at Victory Road’s Twitch channel and featured our team of English-speaking casters including the experienced Kosta DaidimosJamie Boyt and Ben Kyriakou, as well as the debutant David Partington.

All the matches are uploaded to Victory Road’s YouTube channel! You can watch the full reproduction list here!

We’ll leave you with the best-of-five Grand Finals between Eric Rios and Kevin Salvetto below, cast by our very own Kosta Daidimos and Jamie Boyt!:

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