Join us for the VR x GGtoor: Sinnoh Open!

Victory Road is teaming up with GGtoor to present you with the VR x GGtoor: Sinnoh Open, our first Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl tournament!

Despite not being an official VGC format, the new games offer us a great opportunity to enjoy competitive battles in a relaxed setting, which is why this tournament is FREE and, thanks to GGtoor, with $500 USD in prizes!

The tournament will be hosted on Battlefy and all announcements by the staff will take place on GGtoor‘s Discord server.

In this post, you will find:

  • Structure & Schedule
  • Format of Play
  • Tournament Procedures
  • Prizes
  • Sign-ups

salamence-mega Structure & Schedule

The VR Series 11 Challenge will be hosted online on Battlefy on December 4-5, 2021:

  • Sat. 13: best-of-3 (Bo3) Swiss rounds.
  • Sun. 14: best-of-3 (Bo3) Single-elimination bracket.
    • Up to 64 players, the top 8 players from Saturday qualify for the top cut.
    • Over 65 players, all players with 2 or fewer losses (x-2) advance into top cut.

The event is expected to start at 2.30 pm UTC on both days. This translates to:

  • US: 10.30 am ET / 7.30 am PT
  • EU: 3.30 pm CET
  • CN: 10.30 pm Beijing Time
  • JP/KR: 11.30 pm JST/KST

Each round will be played within 60 minutes after pairings are posted and announced on GGtoor’s Discord. Therefore, the event is expected to take from 6 to 8 hours on Saturday and from 3 to 5 hours on Sunday. Any changes at the TO’s (tournament organizers) discretion will be clearly communicated with as much time in advance as possible.

salamence-mega Format of Play

Battles will be played using Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl. Make sure you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and the latest game patch (v. 1.1.0) before playing.

  • All Pokémon in the National Pokédex are allowed, except for the ban list.
  • Banned Pokémon: Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Darkrai, Manaphy, Phione.
  • Double Battles: bring teams of 6 Pokémon and choose 4 per battle.
  • Item Clause: you may only use the same item once per team.
  • Species Clause: you may only use the same Pokémon once per team.

Players must submit two detailed Poképaste of their team upon registration on Battlefy:

  • Open team list: your opponent can see this team. You may NOT include natures, IVs or EVs for your Pokémon, but you HAVE to specify their Held Items, Abilities and Moves.
  • Closed team list: only the staff can check this list. You HAVE to specify the natures, IVs and EVs for your Pokémon.

The info on those two pastes must match with your team and with each other. It is strictly forbidden to change any Pokémon, moves or items, as well as training your Pokémon to have different stats than those you stated on your Poképaste.

salamence-mega Tournament Procedures


Players are required to be registered on Battlefy and signed up in time for the tournament. They must also be present at all times during their participation on GGtoor’s Discord server.

The tournament HAS have a general check-in. That means that, once you complete the registration over on Battlefy, you are expected to submit your team, join GGtoor’s Discord and CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION ON BATTLEFY, starting at 2 pm UTC.

Setting up a match

After pairings for each round are announced on the Discord, players will contact each other through Battlefy. Matches will NOT have a check-in procedure. Please do not use Discord to set up your matches. Any disputes regarding match set up, disconnections or other issues will be resolved in Battlefy.

In order to set up a match, use the ROUND NUMBER + the MATCH NUMBER as the link code. For example, for match number 471 on round 3, the code for both players should be: 0003 0471. Both players must enter the same link code to find one another. Make sure you’ve found the correct opponent before the game starts. Contact on the Battlefy chat if you’re unable to do so, and if this persists, flag your match on Report Match Issue.

Submitting results

Once the round is over, any of the two players is allowed to set up the score, true to the result of the matches.

We recommend all players to take a screenshot or picture of the WIN / LOSE player cards shown at the end of each match (game 1, game 2, game 3) so that we can have a proof of the winner if any disputes arise. If any issues occur, please go to Report Match Issue and a TO will come over to assist you.

salamence-mega Prizes

This is a FREE tournament — anyone from anywhere in the world can join and play!

Thanks to GGtoor’s sponsoring, we can offer the following prizes for the event:

  • Winner: $200 USD.
  • Runner-up: $100 USD.
  • 3rd and 4th Place: $50 USD each.
  • 5th to 8th place: $25 USD each.

Prizing will be paid out within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the event. All players awarded with prizes will be contacted by Victory Road’s team after the event concludes.

salamence-mega Sign-ups

Please, reach out to us on Twitter or Discord if you have any doubts or experience any issues registering for the event.

Check here our full breakdown of rules and penalties for this event.

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