2022 World Championships: Meet Team Europe!

The World Championships, which will be held on 18–21 August 2022, are finally back after three years! In these articles, we will take a look at the best players that are qualified to compete in the biggest event of the year.

Here we have Europe! Let’s meet the 24 players with a Day 2 invite, and take a look at the other 103 Day 1 invitees this region brings.

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Europe at Worlds

Europe may have brought the World Champion title home only once, but this year is different. With the event being held in London, Europe plays home for the first time in the history of Worlds.

It has been 9 long years since Italian Arash Ommati won the 2013 World Championships, and European players are eager to repeat that feat. The closest they have come to it has been top 4 finishes by Germans Markus Liu (2014) and Markus Stadter (2016) and Portuguese Eduardo Cunha (2016), and you could even count Swede-American Nils Dunlop (2018). but the hunger for glory is growing.

The latest World Championships featured two Spaniards in the top 8: Alex Gómez and Eric Rios. Will they achieve a greater accomplishment?

Requirements for a Worlds invite

As per the European system, all players that have achieved at least 300 CP (or Championship Points) in the 2020 and 2022 seasons receive an invite to Day 1. Additionally, the top 24 players achieve a direct pass to Day 2, with the best 16 players earning a Travel Award.

Day 2 players

At 2405 CP, Eric’s momentum has reached levels never before seen. And he has qualified to Worlds every year since 2013! Having achieved a top 4 finish as a senior in 2014, and Day 2 participations, already in the masters division, in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, the streak continues.

The Spaniard has been dominating ever since the start of this three-year-long season. Starting in his 2019 Worlds Top 8 finish, his list of achievements include a top 4 finish in the Latin America Internationals (2019); a top 8 finish in the Oceania Internationals (2020); a top 16 finish in the North America Internationals (2022); and the iconic back-to-back wins this year at Liverpool Regionals and Europe Internationals, using the famous Rinya Sun team.

Additionally, he has also done great in the non-official scene, with victories in the six-month-long Circuito Galar (2020) and as part of the Spanish team in the World Cup (2021).

At 1666 CP, Federico has taken advantage of his great 2020 season in the seniors division, in which he achieved 1656 of his total CP. This will be his first Worlds as a master, but he already qualified in 2018 and participated for the first time in 2019.

Among his results this season, he reached the seniors finals of both the Latin America (2019) and Oceania Internationals (2020), as well as winning Regionals in Cologne (2019) and Bochum (2020).

Even though he has been mostly absent in the live events in 2022, he has been playing and is preparing his potential breakthrough in the aged-up division. Proof of it is his top 16 in April’s Victory Road to Frankfurt!

At 1658 CP, Oliver has established himself in the masters division after several years of success in seniors. This will be his second Worlds as a master (after his Day 2 participation in 2019) and fourth overall.

His most relevant accomplishment of this season is his second place at the Europe Internationals (2022), but he also got to day 2 of the Oceania (2020) and North America Internationals (2022), and made top cut in Sheffield (2019) and Milwaukee Regionals (2022).

Outside the official circuit, he has achieved a top 16 at the VR Series 11 Challenge and has been the manager of the Finnish team in the World Cup in 2021 and 2022.

At 1634 CP, Marco is one of those prolific players from the same generation as Oliver. Although he has qualified four times for Worlds, this will be his third time competing in the stage and second time in the masters division, after his top 16 finish in seniors 2018 and his participation in masters Day 2 of 2019.

Marco’s major title this season is his Oceania Internationals victory in 2020, before the season stopped. After that, he has focused on the in-game ladder, where he topped the International Challenge February (2022), one of those events over which Japanese players have undisputed supremacy.

During the online era, he has established himself as a content creator in Italian and has got the victory in such important circuits as the Desafío Latam (2021) and the VR Circuit: Spring Series (2021), as well as being part of the second-placed Italian team in the World Cup (2021), for which he is now a co-manager.

At 1275 CP, Guillermo has demonstrated an unprecedented comeback from the game after several years outside VGC. This is the third time he has earned an invite to the World Championships, but is only his second time attending, after his top 8 result 10 years ago, in 2012.

Guillermo’s win at Bochum Regionals (2020), in the very first Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield major event, cemented his path back to the top. His top 8 at Europe Internationals (2022) and day 2 at North America Internationals (2022) were his other big results this season.

With the support of the eSports section of Getafe CF, he has established himself as a content creator in Spanish, and was a player-manager in the victorious run of Team Spain in the World Cup (2021).

At 1205 CP, Thomas is in his best season so far. After qualifying to Worlds Day 1 in 2016 and 2018, he has earned a direct Day 2 invite this third time.

Thomas’s season cannot be isolated from the success of the team he got popular after a second place in Liverpool (2022) and a victory in Lille Regionals (2022), as well as day 2 participations in Europe (2022) and North America Internationals (2022). The dreadful French Rain team has become a centerpiece in France’s VGC scene.

The Frenchman is also a content creator in French, better known as Hari.

At 1204 CP, Eduardo is looking forward to the difficult task of improving his top 4 finish in 2016 Worlds. He tried that in 2017, 2018 and 2019, reaching top cut in the latter but coming short with a top 16.

The best result in Eduardo’s season is his second-place finish at Oceania Internationals (2020), almost renewing his crown from 2019. Other great accomplishments this season were a top 16 at the Latin America Internationals (2019) and top 8 finishes in Bochum (2020) and Bilbao (2022).

During the first part of the online era he was a successful streamer, now taking a break, and he got a second place in one of the largest events ever held, the 1,494-player The Champions Cup.

At 1154 CP, Yuri will try to go past the top 16 finish he has achieved twice in Worlds, in 2017 and 2018. Overall, this will be his fifth straight Day 2 participation at the most important event of the year since 2016.

Yuri’s season has been quieter than his previous ones, but he is still a very big force to be reckoned. A top 16 at the Latin America Internationals (2019) and a top 4 in Collinsville (2020) preluded his win at the Players Cup Kickoff Invitational, which was followed by a top 6 at the first Players Cup and a day 2 participation at Europe Internationals (2022).

Outside the official scene, Yuri achieved top 8 at the World Cup Open (2022) and is part of the Italian roster in the current World Cup.

At 1117 CP, Flavio is looking forward to improving his two previous participations in Worlds Day 2, in 2018 and 2019.

Flavio closed the season with the home victory at the Milan Special Event (2022), but previously he had top cut Cologne (2019) and Bochum (2020) and made day 2 at the Europe Internationals (2022).

In the non-official circuit, he has done well in the X9 League Championships (2020, 2021) and also the VR Circuit: Winter Series (2021), winning one of its qualifiers. As a manager, he pushed Team Italy to a second place in the World Cup (2021).

At 1088 CP, Taran is on the rise. He will play on Day 2 of Worlds for the first time, after participating in Day 1 once before, in 2019.

Taran’s season included top cuts in Bochum (2020) and Liverpool (2022), but his best achievements have been at a bigger stage: a top 16 at Europe Internationals (2022) preceded his top 8 at North America Internationals (2022). He will definitely try to raise the stakes!

In the online era, Taran could be seen in most important tournaments, such as The Champions Cup (2020), Rose Tower (2020), Desafío Latam (2021) and the VR Circuit: Winter and Spring Series (2021). He has been a member of Team United Kingdom in this year’s World Cup.

At 1070 CP, Iago is another one of those aged-up players from the seniors division that has taken advantage of his 2020 season in the lower category. After qualifying to Day 2 as a senior in 2019, he has managed to do the same in the masters division now.

Iago has not played since the first part of the season, when he was still a senior. Back then, he won Sheffield Regionals (2019) and made top cut in Cologne (2020). Let’s see if he can get the momentum back with a good result at Worlds!

At 1032 CP, Nils has one of the best Worlds history among those that have not won the event. The Swede-American made top 8 in 2017, achieved a top 4 all the way from Day 1 in 2018, and participated in Day 2 again from Day 1 in 2019. This is his fourth chance at the title!

Nils made top cut in Cologne (2019) and got to day 2 at Europe Internationals (2022), but in that path he won Richmond Regionals (2019).

In other matters, he was one of the players that made finals for Sweden in the European Cup (2020) and is now part of Team United States in the current World Cup.

At 1020 CP, Szymon has taken advantage of the local tournaments in the 2020 season. After qualifying to Day 1 previously in 2014, 2016 and 2019, he is now directly in Day 2 for his fourth Worlds invite.

Szymon’s official season has been modest, with his only major event top cut having been a top 16 in Cologne (2019).

However, in the non-official circuit, he has demonstrated his value with a top 4 in the VR May Challenge (2020) and more recently a top cut in the Victory Road to Frankfurt (2022), while being a part of Team Poland in the World Cup.

At 1011 CP, Álex is a staple at Worlds. This will be his ninth straight participation at the event, to which he has qualified in 2012, 2013 and 2014 as a senior, and 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 as a master. His best result so far is the top 8 he achieved last time, and he is hungry for more.

Álex’s best result this season was his dramatic second place at Cologne Regionals (2019), while also achieving a top 8 in Paris (2019), a top 4 in Malmö (2020) and reaching finals of the Players Cup Kickoff Invitational (2020).

Outside the official scene, he reached top 4 in the 1,492-player The Champions Cup and, as player-manager of Team Spain, won the 2021 World Cup.

At 999 CP, Roberto is in the best moment of his VGC career. After playing in Day 1 in 2019, he has a direct Day 2 invite in his second Worlds appearance.

Roberto’s season has seen a top 8 at the Paris Special Event (2019), top 16 finishes in Cologne (2019) and Bochum (2020), and a day 2 participation at the Europe Internationals (2022). On a side note, he has not been featured on stream in the whole season, so opponents may be unprepared to his play!

He has also performed very well in the VR Circuit: Winter and Spring Series (2021), as well as a top 8 finish in the World Cup Open (2021).

At 990 CP, Giovanni has qualified directly to Day 2 for the first time. He had previously qualified twice to Day 1 in 2018 and 2019, although he only attended the latter.

Giovanni’s season started very well with a top 8 at the 2019 Worlds major side event, the DC Open, was followed by a day 2 finish at the Oceania Internationals (2020) and culminated with his second place at Bremen Regionals (2022).

In the grassroots scene, he has a win at the X9 League Championship 2 (2021) and a top cut at the VR February S12 Challenge (2022).

At 873 CP, Hippolyte has qualified directly to Day 2. In his first Worlds, in 2019, he also reached Day 2 from Day 1. This second time, he is eager to go all the way down now and reach top cut!

Hippolyte got a phenomenal victory at Cologne Regionals (2019) and finished the season with a top 8 in Lille (2022).

Outside the official circuit, he reached top cut of The Champions Cup (2020) and achieved a top 8 at the VR Tundra Challenge (2020), and is part of the French roster in the current World Cup (2022).

At 848 CP, Andrea has qualified for Day 2 for the first time. This will be his third Worlds participation overall, after 2018 as a senior and 2019 already as a master.

Andrea’s best result this season was his top 4 at Cologne Regionals (2019), as well as reaching day 2 at Europe Internationals (2022).

In the unofficial tournaments, he has made top cut in the VR Tundra Challenge (2020), as well as in a couple of qualifiers of the VR Circuit: Winter Series (2021).

At 758 CP, Davide will play in Worlds Day 2 for the fourth time, having reached this phase in 2017, 2018 (all the way from Day 1) and 2019.

Davide started the season with a top 16 finish in Cologne (2019) and achieved his best result with the second place in the online-era Players Cup II (2020).

The Italian has also reached top 4 in the grassroots VR Spring and Tundra Challenges (2020), as well as a top 16 in the recent World Cup Open (2022). He also was part of the roster with which Italy reached a second place in the 2021 World Cup.

At 750 CP, Markus has qualified for his seventh Worlds, as he had previously qualified in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. His best result dates back to 2016, when he reached semifinals. Will he go through this time?

Markus earned his Day 2 invite by making it to top 8 of Europe Internationals (2022) and reaching day 2 at the North America Internationals (2022).

In the non-official scene, Markus reached top cut in the VR Spring Challenge (2020), as well as performing well in Rose Tower tournaments (2020, 2021).

At 678 CP, Alex has qualified for his first-ever Worlds, as he started playing VGC in 2020 and has since achieved great results for a newcomer.

It is difficult to find someone good both at original teambuilding and at the game itself, but Alex is one of them. The Italian started having success in the local scene right from the beginning, and went on to make top 8 at Europe Internationals (2022) and day 2 at North America Internationals (2022), popularising the core of Ice Rider Calyrex + Reshiram. You can read his team report here!

Alex made his breakthrough in the global scene with his original Guzzlord team with a top 16 finish at the VR Tundra Challenge (2020). You can read the report of that team here!

At 674 CP, Joaquín is another one of those aged-up players from the seniors division that has taken advantage of his 2020 season in the lower category, although he has earned 130 of his CP already in the masters division. Although he qualified as a senior in 2017 and 2019, this will be the first time he attends Worlds.

Joaquín’s best results this season came in the seniors division, with a top 4 in Sheffield (2019) and a top 8 in Bochum (2020).

He has earned a lot of experience in the NPA team tournament, in which he has played the last two editions with the Aether Paradise Symbionts.

At 674 CP, François-Xavier is eager to play in Worlds Day 2 for the first time, after qualifying for Day 1 twice before, in 2018 and 2019.

The Frenchman’s best result and only top cut this season came with the enormous top 4 finish at Bochum Regionals (2020).

As part of the French roster, he got a top 16 finish in the 2021 World Cup.

At 668 CP, Lukas is the last player to get the European Day 2 spots for his first-ever Worlds appearance.

The Austrian started off the season very well, with a top 8 in Sheffield (2019) and a top 4 in Paris (2019), and has managed to maintain his invite place until the season end with no CP from 2022 live events.

He has represented Austria in the World Cup since last year.

Day 1 players

The following list comprises all other players with 300 or more CP in the European rating zone, and is based on the official Play! Pokémon leaderboard.

The one player from the Middle East & South Africa region that has qualified for Worlds has been included in this list. In this region, only 200 CP are required.

Closing words

Congratulations to all European players having qualified for the World Championships! As, arguably, one of the toughest regions in the World, there are high expectations on their shoulders. We wish you all the best of luck.

If you’re not attending but will be following their struggle from home, check the Pokémon World Championships website for detailed infos on the live stream.

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