2023 Japan National Championships

EventPokémon Japan Championships 2023
LocationJPN Chiba, Japan
Date10–11 June 2023
Attendance118 players (MA)
VideogamePokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
Season2023 Season – VGC Regulation Set C (before HOME ver. 3.0.0)
FormatBo1 double-elimination bracket with Bo3 grand finals
Day 1: Closed team lists
Day 2: Open team lists, but with closed Tera Types
OrganizerThe Pokémon Company (TPC)

Table of Contents

Teams and results

Day 2 bracket

112-2CANAbdullah Mohayyuddin
200 CP
Great TuskLilligantTorkoalKingambitFlutter ManeDragonite
211-3CANRyan Loseto
160 CP
Great TuskKingambitArcanineIron BundleFlutter ManeCorviknight
311-3USADylan Salvanera
130 CP
Sandy ShocksAmoongussTauros Paldea BlazeIron BundleBaxcaliburRoaring Moon
411-3USAAaron Zheng
130 CP
Great TuskBrute BonnetTalonflameIron BundleFlutter ManeBaxcalibur
512-2USAZackary Thornberg
100 CP
SylveonGlimmoraCeruledgeDondozoTatsugiri CurlyFlutter Mane
611-3CANNeil Patel
100 CP
Great TuskGlimmoraIron BundleDondozoTatsugiri CurlyDragonite
711-3USAGavin Michaels
100 CP
Iron HandsBrute BonnetVolcaronaAzumarillMimikyuPelipper
811-3CANDemitrios Kaguras
100 CP
Great TuskAmoongussTalonflameIron BundleFlutter ManeTyranitar

#Day 1FlagPlayerPrizeTeamListExp.
1B-LJPNKaito Arii
Worlds Day 2 + TA
AnnihilapeMaushold FourTalonflameGrimmsnarlTing LuIron Hands
2B-WJPNHodaka Hatakeyama
Worlds Day 2 + TA
AnnihilapeMimikyuArcanineIron BundleChien PaoBaxcalibur
3A-WJPNKanade Mizuguchi
Worlds Day 2 + TA
Flutter ManeGarganaclChi YuChien PaoGreat TuskMurkrow
4B-WJPNShohei Kimura
Worlds Day 2 + TA
Flutter ManeChien PaoChi YuDondozoTing LuDragonite
Top 6A-WJPNKenji Miura
Worlds Day 2
Flutter ManeAmoongussGholdengoGyaradosTing LuBaxcalibur
Top 6B-LJPNKengo Hirata
Worlds Day 2
GholdengoTatsugiri StretchyArcanineDondozoTing LuDragonite
Top 8A-LJPNKazuya Kitasawa
Worlds Day 2
Flutter ManeAmoongussVolcaronaGyaradosBronzongTyranitar
Top 8A-LJPNRen Kotorii
Worlds Day 2
Flutter ManeTorkoalChi YuSylveonGreat TuskStantler

Day 1 brackets

The top 4 players from both group A and group B advance to Day 2, regardless of whether they finished in the winners’ or losers’ bracket! Check here the results from Day 1 group A bracket, and here the results from Day 1 group B bracket!

Top 12A-T6JPNAtsuhiro Sugiyama
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeGholdengoTalonflameChien PaoDragoniteIron Hands
Top 12A-T6JPNSatoru Nishigai
Worlds Day 1
GholdengoTsareenaChi YuIron BundleGreat TuskMurkrow
Top 12B-T6JPNAtsushi Masubuchi
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeAmoongussChi YuIron BundleDragoniteIron Hands
Top 12B-T6JPNYuma Miyamoto
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeBrute BonnetChi YuJumpluffTorkoalRoaring Moon
Top 16A-T8JPNHikaru Okawa
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeWo ChienIron MothPalafinTing LuRoaring Moon
Top 16A-T8JPNHirokazu Sue
Worlds Day 1
Top 16B-T8JPNRikuto Takemoto
Worlds Day 1
HattereneLilligantTorkoalArmarougeIndeedee FemaleIron Hands
Top 16B-T8JPNKazunori Muranushi
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeChien PaoChi YuDondozoTing LuDragonite
Top 24A-T12JPNYusuke Tsuganezawa
Worlds Day 1
GlaceonAbomasnowArcaninePalafinChien PaoIron Hands
Top 24A-T12JPNNaoki Minagawa
Worlds Day 1
Top 24A-T12JPNKai Yazawa
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeMaushold FourTalonflameIron TreadsChien PaoDragonite
Top 24A-T12JPNKeita YamadaWorlds Day 1
Top 24B-T12JPNKotaro Okada
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeMaushold FourArcaninePalafinPelipperGholdengo
Top 24B-T12JPNTomoki Kawatsure
Worlds Day 1
GlimmoraChien PaoTatsugiri StretchyDondozoTing LuDragonite
Top 24B-T12JPNYoshikazu Sawane
Worlds Day 1
Scream TailGothitelleTatsugiri StretchyDondozoTing LuDragonite
Top 24B-T12JPNYuta Hiroki
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeCorviknightChi YuIron BundleTing LuIron Hands
Top 32A-T16JPNHiroto Kamazawa
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeAbomasnowChien PaoIron BundleGarchompTalonflame
Top 32A-T16JPNHirofumi Kimura
Worlds Day 1
Top 32A-T16JPNYuya Tada
Worlds Day 1
GholdengoAmoongussChien PaoGyaradosTing LuMaushold Four
Top 32A-T16JPNYohei Yamane
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeAmoongussArcanineIron BundleTing LuGholdengo
Top 32B-T16JPNShintaro Amemiya
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeAbomasnowTalonflameIron BundleGarchompDragonite
Top 32B-T16JPNTaka Maenishi
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeMaushold ThreeChi YuDondozoTatsugiri CurlyArcanine
Top 32B-T16JPNShotaro Matsui
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeMaushold FourAnnihilapeDondozoChien PaoGholdengo
Top 32B-T16JPNTakumi Matsuhaba
Worlds Day 1
Flutter ManeGlimmoraChi YuDondozoTatsugiri StretchyDragonite

Check all the players in top 64 that earned a Worlds Day 1 invite here!

Check here to see the seeds for top cut from the Day 2 Swiss standings!

1057-3Ian Roberts (76)40 CP
Iron HandsAmoongussArcaninePalafinFlutter ManeGothitelle


The event is broadcast live on YouTube and NicoNico (Day 1Day 2).

  • Day 1: stream starts on 10 June at 00:45 UTC
  • Day 2 + Top Cut: stream starts on 11 June at 00:45 UTC

Participating players

The live stage of the 2023 Japan National Championships is open only to the players that qualified through any of the following criteria:

These two tournaments were also invite-only: players needed to qualify to them by placing top 150 amongst the players in Japan in Japan Nationals Qualifiers #1#2 or #3 (known as Global Challenges outside Japan).

NOTE: Initially, only the 14 May tournament was going to be held, with the live stage featuring 64 players. However, the anomalies experienced in that tournament forced to change the structure of the Nationals. As a result, the 28 May tournament was announced and the capacity of the live stage was doubled to 128 players, while the 64 invites available for World Championships were maintained. This means that participating in the live stage does no longer guarantee a Worlds invite.

An email sent to the players on 1 June banned the newly available items and Egg Moves to maintain the format of the qualifiers events.

Venue and schedule

The tournament is held in Exhibition Halls 2 and 3 of the following location:

Makuhari Messe International
幕張メッセ 国際展示場

2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, 261-8550
〒261-0023 千葉県千葉市美浜区中瀬2丁目1

Players must be in the venue by 10 June 2023 at 9:00 JST (00:00 UTC) for the players meeting. Players will be divided in two separate 64-player best-of-1 double-elimination brackets, which will start thereafter. All rounds will be played until only 4 players remain in each bracket (this is after winners’ round 5 and losers’ round 8).

Day 1 is played with closed team lists.

The eight remaining players will then face in a fresh new best-of-1 double-elimination bracket (paired such as players from Day 1 bracket A face players from Day 1 bracket B, and regardless of whether they qualified through the winners or losers bracket) on 11 June 2023 at 8:30 JST (10 June at 23:30 UTC) for Juniors players, at 9:00 JST (00:00 UTC) for Seniors players and at 9:30 JST (00:30 UTC) for Masters players. Finals will be the only match played as best-of-3.

Day 2 is played with open team lists, except Tera Types, which are closed.


This event is an official tournament and is part of the 2023 official circuit in Japan.

The highest-placed players earn invites to the 2023 World Championships.

1st to 4thWorlds Day 2 invite + Travel Award
5th to 8thWorlds Day 2 invite
9th to 64thWorlds Day 1 invite


The Japan National Championships is the most important VGC competition for players in Japan, where TPC is responsible for the circuit, and is the only tournament through which players in Japan can earn invites to the World Championships.

It is the 13th edition of the Japan National Championships since its inception in 2009. It has been celebrated every year except in 2011 (due to the Fukushima disaster) and 2020 (due to the COVID-19 pandemics). See the previous editions:

Previous editions of the Japan Nationals have featured different formats and qualifying systems, but in the last few years qualification has been through in-game ladder qualifiers and the event has been played with best-of-1 Swiss rounds followed by a best-of-3 single-elimination top cut (generally top 32). The 2023 edition’s main stage is the first since 2021 to be played with yet another in-game ladder competition, and the first ever to feature a second chance in this online stage. Regarding the live stage, it is the first time ever that a double-elimination bracket is used for an official event in Japan.

The ruleset is VGC Regulation Set C, with closed team lists in Day 1 and open team lists except Tera Types, which will be closed, in Day 2.

A little bit of history

Japan has been a part of the official TPC circuit since its inception. It has hosted multiple major events, including old-era Regionals and National Championships, and is particularly successful in the online competitions. As the most successful country in VGC, Japan’s greatest trophies have been brought home by 4 World Champions (Kazuyuki Tsuji in 2009, Shoma Honami in 2015, Ryota Otsubo in 2017 and Naoto Mizobuchi in 2019), as well as the 2008 VGS Champion (Izuru Yoshimura) and other 7 in the Senior and Junior divisions throughout the years.

The last time the Japan National Championships was held was the 2022 edition, with the finals hosted in Chiba, Japan, and played in Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield with the VGC Series 12 ruleset in June 2022. The finals saw Japanese Kentaro Matsumoto defeat fellow countryman Sho Ito to win his first major title.

American James Evans, the 2018 Senior Division World Champion, defeated Brazilian Gabriel Agati in the NAIC finals.

Victory Road