Meet two new Pokémon: Dipplin and Archaludon!

Two new Pokémon were revealed on the Pokémon Presents on 8 August: Dipplin, Applin’s new and third evolution; and Archaludon, the new evolution for Duraludon!

You won’t have to wait long until you catch Dipplin, as it will be available in the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC Part 1: The Teal Mask, which comes out worldwide on 13 September; but Archaludon will have to wait until Part 2: The Indigo Disk, coming this winter.


Dipplin is the third known evolution of Applin, a Pokémon that now joins the exclusive club of having more than two evolutions of the same species! This Pokémon is still a Grass/Dragon-type, and is visibly based on a candy apple, a feature of Kitakami.

For now, it has been confirmed to have two abilities:

  • Gluttony, which allows it to consume berries that are normally eaten once the HP drops to 25% at the 50% mark instead, consuming them earlier, namely the Figy and similar berries.
  • Supersweet Syrup, a new ability that lowers the opponents’ evasiveness when it is sent out to the battlefield. This move could prove useful in VGC alongside partners that have low accuracy moves, such as Draco Meteor, Overheat… or even Fissure!

Alongside its new ability, Dipplin will also learn a new signature move, Syrup Bomb, a move that lowers the speed for one stage for three consecutive turns.

We can’t wait to see its potential evolution, and how it fares in the Video Game Championships once available in September!


Archaludon is the second new Pokémon, and also Duraludon’s first discovered evolution. Like its pre-evolution, it keeps the Steel/Dragon-type, an exclusive club only shared with the Legendary Pokémon Dialga.

For now, it’s been confirmed to have two abilities:

  • Stamina: every time the user is hit by an attack, its Defense rises by one stage. If it receives multi-hit moves, the Defense increases once for every hit.
  • Sturdy: allows the user to resist with 1 HP an attack that would otherwise KO it as long as it’s in full HP, acting like a Focus Sash.

However, it can’t be ruled out that Archaludon’s hidden ability, Stalwart, is passed along onto it. This ability allows the user to ignore any redirecting abilities (like Lightning Rod) and moves (like Follow Me), and is therefore very interesting.

Its signature move has also been revealed: Electro Shot, is a two-turn Electric-type attack that charges on the first turn, increasing Archaludon’s Special Attack, and then inflicts damage in turn two. However, if it’s raining in the battlefield, the move skips the charge and does both effects in one turn.

Archaludon surely looks like a threat to be reckoned with in VGC, but we will have to wait until winter to find out!

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