Meet the new Paradox Pokémon: Raging Bolt and Iron Crown!

Two new Paradox Pokémon were announced on the Pokémon Presents on 8 August: Raging Bolt, based on Raikou; and Iron Crown, based on Cobalion!

These Pokémon will both be available in the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC Part 1: The Teal Mask, which comes out worldwide on 13 September.

Raging Bolt

Raging Bolt, the ancient Paradox Pokémon clearly inspired on Raikou, is a new Electric/Dragon-type and only the second Pokémon to ever boast this combination after this generation’s Miraidon. Thus, Raging Bolt may very well be the first of the two to be ever legal in VGC!

As all ancient Paradoxes, its ability has been confirmed to be Protosynthesis, which increases one stage its highest statistic when the sun is active, or through the use of the Booster Energy item.

Its signature move, Thunderclap, will deal Electric-type damage with increased priority to its target as long as the opponent is using an attacking move. Otherwise, the move fails. Therefore, this move seems to work very similar to Sucker Punch, and could be an interesting option to add to your team against the ever-present Single-Strike Urshifu.

Iron Crown

Iron Crown is the future Paradox Pokémon for Cobalion. It’s been confirmed to be Steel/Psychic-type, a powerful combination in competitive that few but dominant Pokémon have had in the past, namely Metagross and Bronzong.

Its ability has also been confirmed to be Quark Drive, which will increase its highest stat while in Electric Terrain, or once when coming out to the battle if it holds the Booster Energy item.

Its signature move is Tachyon Cutter, a two-hit special Steel-type attack that bypasses the accuracy check (that is, will always find a target) and will hit two successive times. While the base stats for Iron Crown are currently unknown, this points to it being the first special Steel/Psychic-type attacker in the game.

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