Victory Road will be behind the scenes at the 2024 European Regional live streams!

For the last four years, Victory Road has brought the action from European Regionals to your home. Starting this weekend in Barcelona, all Regional-level events of the season in Europe will be once again live streamed by the official Pokémon channels, and our team at Victory Road will be working behind the scenes!

We started streaming the events at the Cologne Regional in September 2019, with little more than a capture card and a couple of webcams, with no investment or official support. Here’s a pic of how that looked like…

This is us in Cologne 2020 for our first live stream ever, with a classic Alex Gomez vs Eric Rios happening in Top 8. If you feel nostalgic, you can watch that match!

Over time, we’ve had the chance to upgrade the equipment and improve our craft as much as possible, while at the same time spicing the broadcasts with live polls and everyone’s favourite feature, the open team sheets!

None of this would have been possible without the production crew that has accompanied us this season, Marina, Álvaro, Edu, Laura, Borja and Miguel; as well as the folks working relentlessly from home to get us here, namely César and Alberto, as well as Sufián, who was instrumental in the early days and worked with us until last year.

Massive thanks as well to the casters: anyone on the mic has been pivotal to our success with their talent, dedication and patience as we all learned along the way. Thank you, Lou, Ben, Romy, Jamie, Kosta, David, Charlie, Simon, Zoe, Lee and Shona!

We’re very proud of the journey, and grateful to the community, where we hail and to whom we owe the chance to do this. Thank you for supporting the streams with your views and your feedback along the way.

Crew pic from Malmö 2023! Whose pose is your favourite, and why is it Ben Kyriakou’s?

As times change, so do the needs of the VGC community, and the game at large. The esports branch of Pokémon has grown massively in the last couple years, as evidenced by this season’s upgrade to prizes and the race to earn a chance to compete at live events that happens every other week. Part of this change has also meant returning the European events to the official platforms, joining those of North America and expanding the global reach of Pokémon esport.

We’re thankful to The Pokémon Company International for having us on board in this new era for the game. Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, and our team will now be working as part of a larger effort to bring the events to life.

If you’re eager to watch, this weekend we kick things off at the Barcelona Special Event. The action will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube, with the familiar faces of Ben Kyriakou, Jamie Boyt, Kosta Daidimos and David Partington on the caster desk:

  • Day 1: stream starts on 16 Sep at 07:35 UTC.
  • Day 2 + Top Cut: stream starts on 17 Sep at 05:45 UTC.

We hope the streams continue on your TVs for many more events to come!

David, Ruben & Alberto

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