2024 Goiânia Regional

Event2024 Goiânia Regional Championships
LocationBRA Goiânia, GO, Brazil
Date9–10 March 2024
Capacity192 players (128 MA, 64 SR/JR)
VideogamePokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
Season2024 Season – VGC Regulation Set F
FormatTBD Swiss rounds + top 8 single elimination
Open team lists
OrganizerCopag Pokémon

Check the organizer’s website here for further info!

Table of Contents

Sign-up instructions

Sign-ups for the event are done through RK9 Labs platform, and you will first need to set up your RK9 profile and have a Play! Pokémon Player ID. All players must comply with the Play! Pokémon COVID-19 Protocols.

Sign-ups are R$120 for Masters players and R$75 for Senior and Junior players, and they open on 18 January at 19:00 BRT (22:00 UTC). There are 128 spots for Masters players and 64 spots for Senior and Junior players.

It is mandatory for minors (under the age of 18) to have this document signed.

If the player cap is not reached, sign-ups close 2 hours before the event starts.

For registered players, team lists must be submitted 1 hour before the event starts, by 9 March at 07:30 BRT (10:30 UTC).

Spectator passes are R$10 and can be purchased here.


It is still unknown if there will be a stream for this event.

Venue and schedule

The tournament will be held in the following location:

Centro de Convenções Goiânia
R. 4, 1400 – St. Central
Goiânia – GO, 74025-020, Brazil

Check-in can be done in advance on Friday 8 March from 16:15 to 19:00 BRT or early on Saturday from 07:15 BRT.

Players must be in the venue by 9 March at 08:30 BRT (11:30 UTC) for the players meeting. The tournament starts thereafter with the Day 1 Swiss rounds. Seniors and Juniors start 30 minutes later.

Players qualified to Day 2 must be in the venue by 10 March at 08:30 BRT (11:30 UTC) for the team checks. The Day 2 Swiss rounds (if any) and the top cut will be played thereafter.


This event is part of the 2024 official TPCi circuit and thus it rewards Championship Points (CPs).

As a participation goodie, all players will be provided a Pokémon Regional Championships promo card and a playmat.

Additionally, the best-placed players will receive the following CPs and prize money depending on final attendance:

Prize money will be paid through the digital wallet MOBOX in the case of Brazilian players (for minors, through their adult responsible’s MOBOX); foreigners must send an email to claim the prize money following the instructions here.

CP standings

Season standings

The following are the Latin America Championship Point standings before and after the event.

Players ranked 1st to 8th at the end of the 2024 season get Tier 1 invites to the 2024 World Championships. Players ranked 9th to 12nd get Tier 2 invites.

Before the event

1BRA  Thiago Lattanzi775
2ECU  Paul Ruiz770
3PER  Renzo Navarro638
4PER  Dorian Quiñonez630
5ARG  Sebastián Escalante630
6ARG  Juan Salerno620
7CRI  David Rodríguez609
8ECU  Galo Orbea597
9CHL  Javier Nain570
10MEX  Alexander Canseco565
11MEX  Kenneth Gamboa563
12BRA  Gabriel Agati559
13BRA  Guilherme Queiroz552
14CRI  Leonardo Chinchilla546
15CRI  Esteban Molina544
16PER  Hanns Pizarro542

NOTE: CPs from Premier Challenges and Midseason Showdowns may not be up to date.

After the event

Check this info after the event!

NOTE: CPs from Premier Challenges and Midseason Showdowns may not be up to date.

1IND  Visishtah Vasudevan100
2CHN  Peng Chongjun100
3USA  Luca Paz100
4USA  Wolfe Glick80
5CHN  Wang Bingjie80
6USA  Collin Heier60
7SWI  Stefan Mott60
8USA  Justin Burns60
9CAN  Abe Brath60
10USA  Kevin Swastek60
11IND  Devon Singh50
12USA  Jeremy Gross50


The Goiânia Regional Championships is an official TPCi Regional-level event for Pokémon VGC, TCG and Pokémon GO. It is the second Regional of the 2024 season in the Latin American circuit.

The ruleset is VGC Regulation Set F, and it is played using open team lists. It is the first major event in Latin America to use this ruleset.

A little bit of history

Brazil has been part of the Latin America region of the official TPCI circuit for many years. It has hosted multiple major events, including Special Events and all editions of the Latin America International Championships. Brazil’s greatest VGC successes are the top 16 finish at the 2019 World Championships and the 2 International Championship second places achieved by Gabriel Agati, as well as another International Championship second place achieved by Thiago Lattanzi.

The most recent tournament held in Brazil was the 2024 Latin America International Championships, hosted in São Paulo and played in the VGC Regulation Set E in November 2023. The finals saw 2020 OCIC Champion Marco Silva defeat Brazilian Thiago Lattanzi to win his record-tying second International Championship title!

It is the first ever major event in the State of Goiás!

American James Evans, the 2018 Senior Division World Champion, defeated Brazilian Gabriel Agati in the NAIC finals.

Victory Road