2024 Dragon King Battle

Event2024 Pokémon Dragon King Battle
LocationJPN Tokyo, Japan
Date25 February 2024
Capacity8 qualified players + 8 invited players
VideogamePokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
Season2024 Season – Single battles, custom format
FormatSingle elimination
Top 16 & Top 8: Best of 1; Semifinals and Final: Best of 3
Open team lists
OrganizerThe Pokémon Company (TPC)

Table of Contents

Custom format

This competition features single battles, bringing a team of 6 Pokémon and selecting 3 in each match. It is mandatory to select a Pokémon with the Dragon Tera Type amongst the 3 selected for each match, although you may Terastallize a different Pokémon.

Any Pokémon that can be used in Regulation Set F are allowed for this competition.

The tournament is played in a single-elimination bracket, with Top 16 and Top 8 as best-of-1 matches, and Semifinals and Final as best-of-3 matches.

Teams and results

1JPNMizuki Adachi
Pokémon Dragon King
GholdengoFlutter ManeChien PaoUrshifu RapidUrsaluna BloodmoonDragonite
ToxapexRaging BoltIncineroarUrshifu RapidUrsaluna BloodmoonLatias
Top 4JPNChoku
(ちょく )
Ogerpon WellspringFlutter ManeIncineroarScizorIron CrownDragonite
Top 4JPNRyza
Ogerpon HearthflamePrimarinaChien PaoGarganaclDragapultLandorus Therian
Top 8JPNIroha
AmoongussGrimmsnarlChien PaoAlomomolaIron BundleGliscor
Top 8JPNOroshiponzu
Ogerpon HearthflameFlutter ManeGlimmoraUrshifu RapidUrsaluna BloodmoonDragonite
Top 8JPNBannbee
GholdengoFlutter ManeChien PaoRaging BoltTing LuDragonite
Top 8JPNKazuki Ogushi
GholdengoFlutter ManeGarganaclUrshifu RapidTing LuDragonite
Top 16JPNHirofumi Kimura
Ogerpon HearthflameFlutter ManeChien PaoBasculegion MalePelipperArchaludon
Top 16JPNKeisuke Takai
SuicuneMimikyuChien PaoAnnihilapeUrsaluna BloodmoonArchaludon
Top 16JPNKuroko
Ninetales AlolaRaging BoltEnteiUrshifu RapidUrsaluna BloodmoonLandorus Therian
Top 16JPNJiri-san
HydrappleGrimmsnarlChien PaoAlomomolaIron BundleGliscor
Top 16JPNSetsunai
ToxapexBlisseyAvaluggUrshifu RapidTing LuGliscor
Top 16JPNRyota Otsubo
Ogerpon HearthflameSamurott HisuiSneaslerIndeedee MaleIron CrownArchaludon
Top 16JPNMiruku
GholdengoFlutter ManeChien PaoUrshifu RapidTing LuDragonite
Top 16JPNOsamu (Saikyo)
(かつ りくつ)
Ogerpon CornerstoneFlutter ManeGlimmoraUrshifu SingleIron BundleCorviknight

112-2CANAbdullah Mohayyuddin
200 CP
Great TuskLilligantTorkoalKingambitFlutter ManeDragonite
211-3CANRyan Loseto
160 CP
Great TuskKingambitArcanineIron BundleFlutter ManeCorviknight
311-3USADylan Salvanera
130 CP
Sandy ShocksAmoongussTauros Paldea BlazeIron BundleBaxcaliburRoaring Moon
411-3USAAaron Zheng
130 CP
Great TuskBrute BonnetTalonflameIron BundleFlutter ManeBaxcalibur
512-2USAZackary Thornberg
100 CP
SylveonGlimmoraCeruledgeDondozoTatsugiri CurlyFlutter Mane
611-3CANNeil Patel
100 CP
Great TuskGlimmoraIron BundleDondozoTatsugiri CurlyDragonite
711-3USAGavin Michaels
100 CP
Iron HandsBrute BonnetVolcaronaAzumarillMimikyuPelipper
811-3CANDemitrios Kaguras
100 CP
Great TuskAmoongussTalonflameIron BundleFlutter ManeTyranitar

Check here to see the seeds for top cut from the Day 2 Swiss standings!

1057-3Ian Roberts (76)40 CP
Iron HandsAmoongussArcaninePalafinFlutter ManeGothitelle


The event is broadcast live on YouTubeX and Niconico, hosted by Kosuke Hiraiwa and AKB48’s Orin Muto, with Refu as an additional VG caster. The stream is shared with the TCG and Pokémon UNITE competitions.

  • Stream starts on 25 February at 00:00 UTC
  • Part 1, at 00:20 UTC: VG Round 1, TCG Top 8, UNITE Semifinals
  • Part 2, at 03:00 UTC: VG Round 2, TCG Semifinals, VG Semifinals
  • Part 3, at 08:00 UTC: UNITE Finals, TCG Finals, VG Finals
  • Winners ceremony at 11:25 UTC

There is also a secondary stream in Niconico with a professional shogi player.

The VG stream will feature for the first time ever the Pokémon Battle Scope (PBS) technology, an AI specialized in Pokémon battles that uses techniques already developed for shogi AIs. Its purpose is to predict the actions with highest winning probability.


The tournament is held in the following location and nearby halls:

Cerulean Tower Noh theater

B2F, 26−1, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya City, 150-0031 Tokyo, Japan
〒150-0031 東京都渋谷区桜丘町26番1号 地下2階


This event is an official tournament, but is not a part of the 2024 official circuit in Japan. This means that it does not reward anything related to earning a Worlds invite.

Participating players

The 2024 Dragon King Battle is open only to the players that qualified through the following criteria:

Other powerful players are invited. The following invitees were confirmed on 9 February 2024:

  • 2020 Dragon King Kazuki Ogushi, winner of the 2020 edition and finalist in the 2014 edition
  • Celebrity Keisuke Takai, from the comical duo Girly Record.
  • Singles player Bannbee, 1st place in Ranked Battles Season 1
  • Singles player Tanake, 1st place in Ranked Battles Seasons 2, 9 and 10
  • Singles player Miruku, 1st place in Ranked Battles Season 3
  • Singles player Kuroko, 1st place in Ranked Battles Seasons 4 and 14
  • Singles player Ryza, 1st place in Ranked Battles Season 6
  • Singles player Osamu (Saikyo), 1st place in Ranked Battles Season 8


The Pokémon Dragon King Battle is a VG, TCG and, since 2024, UNITE competition for players in Japan, where TPC is responsible for the circuit. It is sponsored by the newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun and the Japan Shogi Association.

It is the 5th edition of the Dragon King Battle since its inception in 2014. See the previous editions:

The first two editions of the Dragon King Battle were aimed for Junior and Senior players, but all ages are welcome to participate since the 3rd edition in 2018. Previous editions have featured different formats, generally with some kind of restrictions regarding the mandatory use of Dragon-type Pokémon. They have also featured different qualifying systems, including in-game ladder competitions and dedicated live qualifier events, as well invitees from amongst the top players in Japan Nationals or the World Championships.

A little bit of history

Japan has been a part of the official TPC circuit since its inception. It has hosted multiple major events, including old-era Regionals, National Championships and the 2023 World Championships, and is particularly successful in the online competitions. As the most successful country in VGC, Japan’s greatest trophies have been brought home by 5 World Champions (Kazuyuki Tsuji in 2009, Shoma Honami in 2015, Ryota Otsubo in 2017, Naoto Mizobuchi in 2019 and Shohei Kimura in 2023), as well as the 2008 VGS Champion (Izuru Yoshimura) and other 9 in the Senior and Junior divisions throughout the years.

The most recent tournament held in Japan was the 2023 World Championships, played in Yokohama with the VGC Regulation Set D in August 2023. The finals saw Japanese Shohei Kimura defeat German Michael Kelsch to be crowned as the 2023 World Champion.

The last time the Dragon King Battle was held was the 2020 edition, hosted in Tokyo in May 2021, and played in Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield with the single-battles Series 8 ruleset. The finals saw 2014 Dragon King Battle finalist Kazuki Ogushi defeat 2019 World Champion Naoto Mizobuchi to be crowned as the 2020 Pokémon Dragon King.

American James Evans, the 2018 Senior Division World Champion, defeated Brazilian Gabriel Agati in the NAIC finals.

Victory Road