Structure of the 2024 Season

The 2024 Play! Pokémon season will start on September 2023 and will come to an end at the 2024 World Championships in Honolulu.

On this page, you can find all info regarding event types and qualification for the World Championships. Keep in mind that all information is subject to change at TPCi’s discretion. To check out the information on rules & regulations of VGC battles, check this page.

Latest update: 28 Aug 2023

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One World, Three Systems

Official Pokémon tournaments happen all around the world, but are managed by different entities and thus are ruled by different standards.

  • The Pokémon Company International (TPCi): handles events in Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, the Middle East-South Africa and Russia. The events are under the Play! Pokémon program. All events grant Championship Points (CP), and major events may also hand out prizes as cash money or scholarships, trophies and other Pokémon exclusive merchandise.
  • The Pokémon Company (TPC): handles events in Japan and South East Asia.
  • Pokémon Korea (TPCK): handles events in South Korea.

While all tournaments follow roughly the same structure (events are played using the Double Battles Video Game Championships, or VGC, format), there are major differences on the availability of events, as well as ways of qualifying to the World Championships.

Results on one system do not carry out to the others, and some events are also locked to residents of specific countries. However, all TPCi events are available to players from other regions, and they can still opt in for the prize money, but not the Championship Points.

On this page, we cover and summarize all info available for all three systems, with a main emphasis on the Play! Pokémon program, since it’s the one available to most regions.

Types of Events

The 2024 season is made up of events happening in all 5 continents. These events are divided into two main categories: major events and local events.

  • Major events:
    • Play! Pokémon: International Championships, hosted directly by TPCi, as well as Regional Championships and Special Events, hosted by outsourcer companies.
    • TPC/TPCK: National Championships, which usually have an online qualifier event locked for residents, as well as Regional Championships in some regions, like Taiwan.
  • Local events:
    • Play! Pokémon: Midseason Showdowns and Premier Challenges, which are events run by volunteer organizers that allow newer players and smaller communities to take part of the game. These events do also grant Championship Points, and may grant prizes at each organizer’s discretion.
    • TPC/TPCK: there’s no local events for these regions announced at the moment.

Age Divisions

The Play! Pokémon program separates players into three age divisions: Juniors (JR), Seniors (SR), and Masters (MA).

The age division that a player belongs to is set at the beginning of the season, based on the year of birth, and does not change over the course of that season. This allows players to compete against the same pool of opponents during the entire season.

These are the age divisions for the 2024 season:

  • Juniors: born in 2012 or later
  • Seniors: born in 2008 to 2011
  • Masters: born in 2007 or earlier
This distinction is not always used at non-TPCi regions, such as South East Asia, but it’s normally used at the World Championships.

Event Prizes

Championship Points (CP)

Events in the Play! Pokémon program award Championship Points (CP) to the best players at each tournament.

These points allow players to qualify for the World Championships depending on their season-long amount, as well as obtain Travel Awards for International Championships based on the amount of points obtained during specific time periods.

However, CP depend on the event’s kicker and best finish limit:

  • Best Finish Limit (BFL) is the maximum amount of tournaments of a same kind, such as Regionals and Special Events, that are counted towards the total ranking of the season. For example, if BFL of a type of tournament is 2, only the 2 best results that a player has in that type of tournament are counted.
    • However, even if a player does not obtain any seasonal CP from an event type after maxing it out, they may obtain quarterly CP towards their International Championships Travel Awards.
  • Kicker is the minimum amount of players that need to participate in any given tournament so that players with lower standings get CP. For example, if the kicker for top 8 to get CP at a tournament type is 17, it means that top 8 finishers will only get CP if there were at least 17 participants in the tournament.

Local Events

Premier Challenge (PC)
    • Best Finish Limit: 6
    • Max CP obtainable (2020 Worlds Invite): 180 CP


PlacementChampionship PointsKicker
130 CP0
216 CP0
3-412 CP0
5-88 CP24
9-166 CP48
17-324 CP100
Midseason Showdown (MSS)
    • Best Finish Limit: 6
    • Max CP obtainable (2020 Worlds Invite): 300 CP


PlacementChampionship PointsKicker
150 CP0
240 CP0
3-432 CP0
5-825 CP24
9-1620 CP48
17-3216 CP100
33-6413 CP200
Select Online Competitions
    • No Best Finish Limit (all Championship Points obtained during Select Online Competitions will be taken into account)


PlacementChampionship Points
150 CP
245 CP
3-440 CP
5-835 CP
9-1630 CP
17-3225 CP
33-6420 CP
65-12810 CP
129-2565 CP
257-5122 CP
513-10241 CP

Regional Championships & Special Events

International Championships

2024 World Championships

Qualify for the World Championships

The 2024 World Championships held in Honolulu, HI (United States) is the pinnacle of competition for the 2024 season. Players from all systems earn invites through various ways and compete in one single event. The event dates are still unknown, but it’s announced as a three-day event happening in August for now.

While the structure of the event is unknown, this season the event will have three tiers of invites:

  • Tier 3: Worlds invite, awarded under three conditions:
    • Earn enough Championship Points depending on their age division and region of residence; or
    • Win a Regional Championship or European Special Event; or
    • Place 1st or 2nd at an International Championship
  • Tier 2: Worlds invite with a Travel Stipend*.
  • Tier 1: Worlds invite with a Travel Award* and a Round 1 bye.

The travel awards and stipends are in US dollars (USD) and subject to applicable tax withholding.

Therefore, this season’s event does not seem to feature a Day 2 invite system, unlike previous seasons.

*Players in the South Africa-Middle East rating zone are not eligible for travel stipends and awards.


Prizes are awarded to the best placing players in each division. The money will be given as cash, scholarship or a Visa Prepaid Card depending on the amount and age of the receiver. The prizes are in US dollars (USD) and subject to applicable tax withholding.

Further prizes like exclusive World Championships merchandise, Pokémon TCG Booster Packs and invites to the 2025 World Championships are also normally given, but the specifics are not known yet.

PlacementPrize Money (per division)
1$30,000 USD
2$20,000 USD
3-4$15,000 USD
5-8$10,000 USD
9-16$5,000 USD
Victory Road