2024 World Championships invitees

The 2024 World Championships will be held in Honolulu, HI, United States on a date to be announced. It constitutes the return of the World Championships to the United States for the first time since 2019!

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121 Aug 2022EUPRT Eduardo Cunha2022 World Champion
221 Aug 2022EUESP Guillermo Castilla2022 Worlds Runner-up
321 Aug 2022NAUSA James Baek2022 Worlds Top 4
421 Aug 2022NAUSA Paul Chua2022 Worlds Top 4
5*21 Aug 2022JPJPN Yasuharu Shimizu2022 World Champion (SR)
*Unconfirmed if Yasuharu is now a Masters player
621 Aug 2022OCAUS Nicholas Kan2022 Worlds Runner-up (SR)
7*21 Aug 2022JPJPN Yuma Suzuki2022 Worlds Top 4 (SR)
*Unconfirmed if Yuma is now a Masters player
822 Jan 2023NAUSA Luca PazReached 300 CP at Liverpool Regionals (Champion)
95 Feb 2023NAUSA Wolfe GlickReached 300 CP at Orlando Regionals (Champion)
1019 Feb 2023NAUSA Gavin MichaelsReached 300 CP at OCIC (Champion)
1119 Feb 2023NAUSA Alberto LaraReached 300 CP at OCIC (Runner-up)
1219 Feb 2023NAIND Raghav MalaviyaReached 300 CP at OCIC (Top 4)
1319 Feb 2023NAUSA Collin HeierReached 300 CP at OCIC (Top 8)
1419 Feb 2023OCAUS Alfredo Chang-GonzalezReached 200 CP at OCIC (Top 8)
1519 Feb 2023NAUSA Chuppa Cross IVReached 300 CP at OCIC (Top 8)
1619 Feb 2023EUFRA Thomas GravouilleReached 250 CP at OCIC (Top 8)
1719 Feb 2023NAUSA Alex UnderhillReached 300 CP at OCIC (Top 16)
1819 Feb 2023EUFRA Aurélien SoulaReached 250 CP at OCIC (Top 16)
1919 Feb 2023OCAUS Sam PandelisReached 200 CP at OCIC (Top 16)
2019 Feb 2023NACHN Peng ChongjunReached 300 CP at OCIC (Top 16)
2119 Feb 2023NAUSA Joseph UgarteReached 300 CP at OCIC (Top 16)
2219 Feb 2023EUESP Eric RiosReached 250 CP at OCIC (Top 16)
2319 Feb 2023NASWI Stefan MottReached 300 CP at OCIC (Top 32)
2419 Feb 2023NAUSA James EvansReached 300 CP at OCIC (Top 64)
2519 Feb 2023LABRA Gabriel AgatiReached 200 CP at OCIC (Top 64)
2626 Feb 2023EUESP Álex SotoReached 250 CP at Bochum Regionals (Runner-up)
2726 Feb 2023EUITA Marco SilvaReached 250 CP at Bochum Regionals (Top 8)
2826 Feb 2023EUSWI Andrea OleaReached 250 CP at Bochum Regionals (Top 32)
2926 Feb 2023NAUSA Nick NavarreReached 300 CP at Knoxville Regionals (Top 4)
3026 Feb 2023NAUSA Zackary ThornbergReached 300 CP at Knoxville Regionals (Top 8)
315 Mar 2023EUGBR Taran BirdeeReached 250 CP at Perth Regionals (Champion)
325 Mar 2023OCAUS Alister SandoverReached 200 CP at Perth Regionals (Runner-up)
335 Mar 2023OCAUS Lochiel CameronReached 200 CP at Perth Regionals (Top 16)
345 Mar 2023OCAUS Thomas ChenReached 200 CP at Perth Regionals (Top 16)
355 Mar 2023OCAUS Meaghan RattleReached 200 CP at Perth Regionals (Top 16)
365 Mar 2023OCAUS James KatsarosReached 200 CP at Perth Regionals (Top 16)
375 Mar 2023OCCHL Michael NavasReached 200 CP at Perth Regionals (Top 16)
3812 Mar 2023LAARG Juan SalernoReached 200 CP at Natal Regionals (Runner-up)
3918 Mar 2023SEATWN Yang Da-weiKaohsiung Regional Champion
4019 Mar 2023EUESP Alex GómezReached 250 CP at Utrecht Special Event (Top 4)
4119 Mar 2023EUITA Giulio TarlaoReached 250 CP at Utrecht Special Event (Top 8)
4219 Mar 2023EUNDL Bas van der HeijdenReached 250 CP at Utrecht Special Event (Top 32)
4319 Mar 2023EUITA Giovanni PiscitelliReached 250 CP at Utrecht Special Event (Top 64)
4426 Mar 2023NAUSA Justin CarrisReached 300 CP at Charlotte Regionals (Champion)

Worlds invite requirements

The following is the list of the players that have qualified to the 2024 World Championships by any of the means described above.

Latest update: 18 September 2023

North America

110 Sep 2023USA Riley FacturaPittsburgh Regional Champion


113 Aug 2023DEU Michael Kelsch2023 Worlds Finalist
213 Aug 2023ITA Federico Camporesi2023 Worlds Semifinalist
317 Sep 2023PRT Eduardo CunhaBarcelona Special Event Champion

Latin America

No player from Latin America has earned an invite yet!


No player from Oceania has earned an invite yet!

Middle East & South Africa

No player from Middle East & South Africa has earned an invite yet!


113 Aug 2023JPN Shohei Kimura2023 World Champion
213 Aug 2023JPN Mao Harada2023 Worlds Semifinalist
313 Aug 2023JPN Tomoya Ogawa2023 World Champion (SR)
4*13 Aug 2023JPN Yuta Okada2023 Worlds Semifinalist (SR)
* Unconfirmed if Yuta has aged up to Masters
513 Aug 2023JPN Yuta Kamura2023 Worlds Semifinalist (SR)

South Korea

No player from South Korea has earned an invite yet!

South East Asia

No player from South East Asia has earned an invite yet!

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