Dugtrio Challenge – Main Hub

EventDugtrio Challenge
FormatVGC 2019 Sun Series
DatesOctober 9, 2018 – TBA
Attendance81 teams / 243 players
VideogamePokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

dugtrio-alolan General Ruleset

  • This tournament follows the regular VGC 2019 Sun Series guidelines, which can be found here.
  • This tournament will be played under a double-elimination format (Winners/Losers brackets).
  • A special Species Clause applies to all Pokémon used by the three members of the team: if you’re using Incineroar for this first week, then both of your teammates will have to look for other options.
  • You may change your teams from week to week.
  • All games will be preferably played on either physical cartridge or digital copies of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.
    • All individual games will be Bo3, thus meaning that each team will have to play up to 9 games per week.
    • If both players agree on doing so, matches can also be played on Pokémon! Showdown, but keep in mind that 3DS systems are the preferred method.
    • In some matches, players may be required to play on 3DS so the games can be later recorded and posted on Victory Road.
  • In case of inactivity or other issues, Victory Road’s staff will decide on each individual situation.

Each round will last a week, from Tuesday to Tuesday. You will have to get in touch with your opponent for each week either through Twitter or other forms of social media, but keep in mind that Twitter is the preferred one in case any matches can’t be played due to inactivity.


Given that most of the teams are from Europe, weekly deadlines will follow the Central European timezone, thus meaning that:

– All weeks will kick off on Tuesdays at 10 AM UTC (12 PM CEST, 6 AM EST), once the pairings are posted on our site and live on Battlefy. We will tweet this out every week.

– All rounds end the following Tuesday at 12 AM UTC (2 AM CEST, 8 PM -1 EST). Any results reported after the deadline will be considered null, so please keep that in mind. Reminders on Twitter will be made every week once the round comes to a close.

Results reporting

Once all 3 matches have been played, both teams will have to report their results, including the match replays, which you may delete after the round comes to a close without any issues. Keep in mind that regardless of the outcome of the round, one of each team’s players still has to report its team results.


In order to do so, each week you will find alongside the individual pairings a simple form to fill out once your results are ready. If any incongruences show up, players from both teams will be contacted to solve any further issues.


The winning team will be automatically qualified for Victory Road’s Sun Series Invitational event, where they will be joined by the winners and runner ups from our Dialga Cup online events, as well as the Top 2 players at the Santiago de Compostela MSS, in an online competition with exciting prizes and awards for free!

dugtrio-alolan Teams & Pairings

  • Check out all 81 participating teams and their players here!
  • The tournament’s main bracket can be viewed on Battlefy.
Week 1Round 1 pairings Oct 9th – Oct 15th
Week 2Round 2 pairingsOct 16th – Oct 22th
Week 3Round 3 pairingsOct 23th – Oct 29th
Week 4Round 4 pairingsOct 30th – Nov 5th
Week 5Round 5 pairingsNov 6th – Nov 12th
Week 6Round 6 pairingsNov 13th – Nov 19th
Week 7Round 7 pairingsNov 20th -Nov 26th
Week 8Round 8 pairingsNov 27th – Dic 3rd
Week 9Round 9 pairingsDic 4th– Dic 10th
Week 10Round 10 pairingsDic 11th – Dic 17th
Week 11Round 11 pairingsDic 18th – Dic 21th
Week 12Round 12 pairingsDic 22th – Dic 25th
Losers FinalsLosers Finals PairingsDic 26– Dic 30th
Grand FinalsGrand Finals PairingsJan 4th – Jan 11th
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