Sample Teams for VGC 2019 Ultra Series

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the format or simply ran out of ideas while teambuilding, in this VGC 2019 Ultra Series Team Compilation, you will find a diverse archive of battle-ready teams fitting multiple playstyles and ways to play and understand the game. We’re sure you’ll find something down below that you will enjoy!

Each team contains its importable text on Pokémon! Showdown format, which will allow you to jump right into the action without the need to build or breed — just click and play!


– All teams featured on this compendium were kindly handed to us by their creators. A huge thanks to all of them for contributing to our resource.

– Sources used: YouTube channels from top players PokeAlex, Osirus and Jamesspeed.

– QR Codes for all the teams posted will be provided within the first weeks of April. Thanks for your patience.

– If you want your teams to be featured on this compendium, send us a DM over on Twitter!


April 2: first post, featuring 14 different sample teams.

April 3: added teams built by Calvonix (Groudon/Dawn Wings Necrozma) and Juanfi (Rayquaza/Kyogre + Xerneas/Lunala)

Choose your fighter!

To get a better grasp at all teams with ease, we’ve divided them into 3 categories: teams containing Kyogre as one of the restricteds, teams with Groudon and other teams, which feature different combinations of restricted Pokémon.

Teams with Groudon

Built byTeamPasteReport
Davide Carrergroudon-primal Victory Roadxerneas Victory Roadsalamence-mega Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadamoonguss Victory Road
Feisgroudon-primal Victory Roadxerneas Victory Roadgengar-mega Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadlandorus-therian Victory Road
PokeAlexgroudon-primal Victory Roadsalamence-mega Victory Roadkangaskhan-mega Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadincineroar Victory Road
Calvonixgroudon-primal Victory Road Necrozma alas de alba iconsalamence-mega Victory Roadtapu-fini Victory Roadtapu-lele Victory Roadincineroar Victory Road
M_VGCgroudon-primal Victory Road Necrozma alas de alba iconkangaskhan-mega Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadstakataka Victory Roadamoonguss Victory Road

Teams with Kyogre

Other teams

More Ultra Series resoures

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