Resources for Pokémon VGC

Competitive Pokémon has a huge amount of useful resources when it comes to learning the basics, stepping up your game knowledge and becoming the very best. However, determining what to read, where to learn and who can be trusted is a hard task.

With over 6 years of experience providing the community with the best resources available, Victory Road has created a handful hub with all needed for both newcomers, returning players and even those at the top.

The Essentials

All Things Scarlet & Violet

Useful links & tools

Pokémon Showdown!Battle Simulator to test your teams and prepare for events without needing to breed on the games.
Damage CalculatorA key tool that allows you to check how much damage attacks and Pokémon do to each other.
PikalyticsA website that compiles the usage stats from Pokémon Showdown and the game’s ladder to keep up with the trends.
Gabby’s Team BuilderA tool to check the type chart and match-ups of your teams.
Smogon VGCA forum and community of doubles/VGC players in the lands of Smogon, the prime competitive community for single battle formats.
r/VGCA casual community of VGC players in the lands of Reddit, managed by veteran members of the community.
Liberty NoteThe Japanese sister site of Victory Road, where top Japanese players share their teams and monthly updates on the best teams on the game’s ladder are posted.
VGC GuideAn atemporal website with basic content regarding VGC written by 2016 World Champion Wolfe Glick, 2020 Dallas Regional Champion Aaron Traylor, and VGC Legend Aaron Zheng.
VGC PastesA community with an ambitious goal: to record all rental teams ever posted on Twitter! It’s managed by our Editor Evan Weng and his team.
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