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Resource Hub

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Competitive Pokémon has a huge amount of useful resources when it comes to learning the basics, stepping up your game knowledge and becoming the very best. However, determining what to read, where to learn and who can be trusted is a hard task.

With over 3 years of experience providing the community with the best resources available, Victory Road has created a handful hub with all needed for both newcomers, returning players and even those at the top.

The Essentials

Our Resources

Useful links & tools

  • Play! Pokémon VGC20 Team List (fillable)
    Find the updated team list for all Play! Pokémon events in an easy and comfortable format that allows you to fill them with your .pdf reader.
  • Pokémon Showdown!
    Battle Simulator allowing you to practice and test your teams without the need to breed them.
  • Damage Calc from Trainer Tower
    Useful tool allowing you to check and know how much damage an attack does to your Pokémon and how much your attacks do.
  • Survival Calc from Trainer Tower
    Pro version of the Damage Calc allowing you to find the best EV combination to match your desired benchmarks when creating a spread.
  • Pikalytics
    Website compiling Usage Stats from both Pokémon Showdown! and Pokémon Global Link.
  • VGCStats
    Website compiling teams from official events all around the world where all Pokémon are ranked from the CP they’ve won throughout the season.
  • Team Builder (by Gabby Snyder)
    Tool allowing you to check the type chart of your teams.
  • Team Sheet Generator (by Jake White)
    Paste your teams in Showdown format to obtain an official team sheet version of them ready to bring to your next event.
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