Sample Teams for VGC 2019 Sun Series

Whether you’re getting lost in the format or simply ran out of ideas while teambuilding, in this VGC 2019 Sun Series Team Compilation, you will find a diverse archive of battle-ready teams fitting multiple playstyles and ways to play and understand the game. We’re sure you’ll find something down below that you will enjoy!

Each team contains its importable text on Pokémon! Showdown format as well as its Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon QR code, which will allow you to jump right into the action without the need to build or breed — just click and play!


– Last update was made on November 28, 2018.

– Riley’s team was posted by himself on Twitter. You may find his team report here.

– Alfredo’s team was featured on James Baek’s Baek-to-Baek series on YouTube.

– All other teams featured on this compendium were kindly handed to us by their creators. A huge thanks to all of them for contributing to our resource.

– If you want your teams to be featured on this compendium, send us a DM over on Twitter!

The Classics

If you’re just barely taking your first steps into VGC this season, or coming back after a long break, The Classics is what you’re looking for! This section collects some of the most successful versions of the staple archetypes within the Sun Series metagame.

It is good for players of all skill levels to try and play with The Classics archetypes in order to get a better insight on how they work, what are their strengths and what they struggle against, given that you’ll be surely facing them in your next event.

The Safari Zone

In The Safari Zone, both alternative versions of The Classics and successful out of the box teams are showcased for you to try. This section’s teams are ideal to play different teams from what you’re used to, help you get a grasp of new ideas and refresh a bit!

To help you view all teams with ease, we’ve divided them in 3 categories: teams containing Kyogre as one of the restricteds, teams with Groudon and other teams, which contain none of the two Hoenn deities.

Teams with Kyogre

Teams with Groudon

Other teams

Victory Road