Speed Tiers for VGC 2019 Sun Series

In this new VGC 2019 format, many legendary Pokémon are finally getting to see daylight after a long wait inside Box 31. Similarly, some new or non-conventional Pokémon are becoming viable, thus adding new forces to be reckoned with within the metagame.

As you may know, keeping track of the speeds of all Pokémon in the field is crucial when planning your next moves, but is also very important when teambuilding in order to choose the right pieces. Since keeping in mind dozens of speed tiers is challenging for most newcomers, we’ve created this Speed Tiers chart, where the most common Pokémon in the VGC 2019 Sun Series format are listed by their speed stats in multiple situations.

With this tiering system, you’ll be able to get a grasp on the maximum and minimum speed stats for each Pokémon listed, albeit many players will opt for other options in the speed spectrum, so keep in mind that this is only an orientative resource. In case you don’t understand some of the fields presented on the chart, you might check the Remarks box.

  • The Stat field represents the real Speed Stat, the one that the game uses to calculate who moves first at the beginning of the turn.
    • If two Pokémon have the same Speed Stat, the game makes a tiebreak where both Pokemon have a 50% chance to attack first.
  • The EVs field represents the EVs invested in Speed (to simplify, we have gone with either 252 or 0) and the Nature (+ if positive– if negative and blank if neutral)
  • The IVs field represents the Speed IVs (to simplify, we have gone with either 31 or 0). Between the two values, the real speed stat is affected with a ±15 variation.
  • The Boost field indicates the Speed modifiers that have been applied as a consequence of moves or items in play, which you’ll find detailed in the Notes section. Keep in mind that the field shows the stages of increase/decrease in Speed, not the multipliers applied. 
    • Tailwind raises speed by two stage (2x).
    • Choice Scarf raises speed by one stage (1.5x).
    • Icy Wind and Electroweb drop speed by one stage (2/3x).
    • Thunder Wave, Iron Ball and Macho Brace all halve the speed (0.5x).
    • When multipliers are applied in the final speed stat calc, the number rounds down without decimals (truncation).
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