Winter Festa Tournament

EventWinter Festa Tournament
LocationKOR Seoul, South Korea
Date30–31 December 2023
Capacity64 players (32 MA, 32 SR/JR)
VideogamePokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
Season2024 Season – VGC Regulation Set E
FormatBest-of-1 double-elimination bracket, with best-of-3 grand finals
Open team lists (including Nature)
OrganizerPokémon Korea

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Table of Contents

Teams and results

1KORJinho Park
Ogerpon WellspringGholdengoRillaboomFarigirafSalamencePelipper
2KORSeunghyun Lee
Arcanine HisuiGholdengoIron HandsUrshifu RapidRoaring MoonArticuno Galar
3KORMinseok Kim
Ogerpon HearthflameGholdengoRillaboomUrshifu RapidTornadus IncarnateRegidrago
4KORKyungmin Jeon
Ogerpon WellspringGlimmoraTatsugiri CurlyDondozoRoaring MoonDragonite
T6KORTaeyoung Kim
Chi YuFlutter ManeTatsugiri StretchyDondozoChien PaoDragonite
T6KORTaeseok Roe
(산 남자)
Ogerpon WellspringFlutter ManeIron HandsUrshifu SingleHeatranLandorus Therian
T8KORSanghwa Lee
TorkoalSinistchaIron HandsRillaboomCresseliaUrsaluna
T8KORYoungguk Gong

112-2CANAbdullah Mohayyuddin
200 CP
Great TuskLilligantTorkoalKingambitFlutter ManeDragonite
211-3CANRyan Loseto
160 CP
Great TuskKingambitArcanineIron BundleFlutter ManeCorviknight
311-3USADylan Salvanera
130 CP
Sandy ShocksAmoongussTauros Paldea BlazeIron BundleBaxcaliburRoaring Moon
411-3USAAaron Zheng
130 CP
Great TuskBrute BonnetTalonflameIron BundleFlutter ManeBaxcalibur
512-2USAZackary Thornberg
100 CP
SylveonGlimmoraCeruledgeDondozoTatsugiri CurlyFlutter Mane
611-3CANNeil Patel
100 CP
Great TuskGlimmoraIron BundleDondozoTatsugiri CurlyDragonite
711-3USAGavin Michaels
100 CP
Iron HandsBrute BonnetVolcaronaAzumarillMimikyuPelipper
811-3CANDemitrios Kaguras
100 CP
Great TuskAmoongussTalonflameIron BundleFlutter ManeTyranitar

Check here to see the seeds for top cut from the Day 2 Swiss standings!

1057-3Ian Roberts (76)40 CP
Iron HandsAmoongussArcaninePalafinFlutter ManeGothitelle


This tournament was not streamed.

Venue and schedule

The tournament is held in the Hall B (B홀) of the following location:

COEX Convention & Exhibition Center
코엑스 전시장

513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu
Seoul 06164 Republic of Korea
서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 513

Players must be in the venue on 31 December at 09:00 to 09:50 KST (00:00 to 00:50 UTC) for the players meeting. The tournament starts thereafter, expected to take until 18:00 KST (09:00 UTC).

Senior and Junior players participate the day before, on 30 December at 09:00 KST (00:00 UTC).


This event is an official tournament, but is not a part of the 2024 official circuit in South Korea. This means that it does not reward anything related to earning a Worlds invite.

As a participation goodie, all players will be provided an original key-ring.

Additionally, the best-placed players will receive the following prizes:

Champion1 trophy
2 entry tickets to Universal Studios Japan theme park
5 POKÉMON TRAINERS plushies from the Pokémon Center
Finalist5 POKÉMON TRAINERS plushies from the Pokémon Center


The Winter Festa Tournament is a VGC competition for players in South Korea, where Pokémon Korea is responsible for the circuit. It serves as a side event to the TCG-only 2024 Korean League Season 1.

The ruleset is VGC Regulation Set E, and it is played with open team lists where Natures are also revealed to the opponents.

A little bit of history

South Korea has been a part of the official Pokémon Korea circuit since the first years of VGC, running in parallel to the TPC and TPCi circuits. It has hosted multiple major events, including Korean Leagues, Trainers Cups and old-era National Championships. South Korea’s greatest VGC success was the iconic victory achieved by Sejun Park at the 2014 World Championships. Juyoung Hong also achieved this feat in the Senior Division at the 2017 World Championships.

The most recent tournament held in Korea was the 2023 Trainers Cup Final Round, an invitational tournament hosted in Seoul and played with the Regulation Set C in June 2023. However, due to several disqualifications in the Masters division, it was only played in the Senior and Junior divisions.

The last time there was a live event open to everyone in Korea was the 2020 Korean League Season 1, played in the then recently released Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield with the Series 1 ruleset in December 2019. The finals saw Taeseok Roe defeat Seongjae Jeong to win his first major event!

American James Evans, the 2018 Senior Division World Champion, defeated Brazilian Gabriel Agati in the NAIC finals.

Sign-up instructions

Sign-ups for the event are done through a form available in the tournament’s website starting on 11 December at 17:00 KST (08:00 UTC), until the spots are capped early or until 17 December at 23:00 KST (14:00 UTC). There are 32 spots for Masters players and 32 spots for Senior and Junior players.

Players that are playing in the TCG Korean League Season 1, for which the Winter Festa Tournament is a side event, cannot participate in the tournament.

Players need to register and lock a team when signing up, by providing personal data, in-game trainer name and Rental Team code.

Participating players must then sign up in their own Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet game and lock the same team they had registered in the form. To do it, enter the Poké Portal → Battle Stadium → Online competitions → Search for a competition (in the Official Competitions column). This registration takes place from 21 December at 17:00 KST (08:00 UTC) to 26 December at 23:00 KST (14:00 UTC).

Note that the tournament is exclusive to players residing in Korea, so it is only available if your region is set to Korea. Senior and Junior players play in the same category for this tournament.

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